You see that’s exactly how I felt for most of my life.  As a model, I travelled the world for 18 years searching for happiness and what I have come to realise is that I was looking for it in all the wrong places.

I used to think that my happiness would come from my next big job, relationship or indeed party I attended, but what I soon discovered was that I was always looking outside of myself when what I really needed was inside me all along.

For many years I had spiritual teachers telling me to look within but in a world where your perceived worth is based on what you do and what you have I found this very difficult.

Having spent my life running, when I became a mum, I simply couldn’t run anymore as someone else depended on me and I had to face my problems. I had a history of addictions, depression, anxiety and trauma and now it was time to show up and do the work. I also suffered from postnatal depression after I had my son and on my journey back to full health,  I discovered that my years of escaping from life through any means possible was simply not going to work anymore.

When I reached this point, I also had nothing left materialistically so I began to look within for resources and I have never looked back.

Something truly incredible happened to me one day when I was sitting on my old childhood bed back in my Mum’s house. I was a scared, broke and a single mum and even though I didn’t know which way to go,  I experienced a shift like never before.

In today’s world we all succumb to valuing material wealth. As I sat on my bed I had a sudden realisation that while I had never had less, I had actually never had more.

I felt genuinely content and happy for the first time, like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders, which I realised made me rich – rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I was determined to figure out how to hang onto that feeling forever.


is about joining the dots with our health and wellbeing and truly understanding that we need to stop treating different aspects of ourselves separately. Our mind, body and spirit are connected and they all affect each other.  If one is out of balance, the others are too.

We all need to find our own level of balance and harmony that works for us as we are all individuals with different needs.

WHAT I ENCOURAGE is making small changes that will give you the confidence to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Small changes make a big difference and it’s never too late to change your life no matter what anyone tells you.

Most importantly showing up and dong the work is about giving yourself the permission to love yourself and practice self-care. Because if I have learnt one thing on this journey, it’s that self care is not selfish.  It’s the most selfless thing you can do.

After years of heartache and pain, today I feel strong, healthy and happy and at last as I enter my 40’s I’m comfortable in my own skin.

I love life and every day excites me. I feel truly blessed to watch my son grow and be surrounded by people I love. I’ve pushed through fears and you can too.

“Sometimes the work is not easy, but it is always worth it”

Every day I’m inspired by others and through my own work I aim to inspire, motivate and encourage you to be the best possible version of yourself.

So join me on this adventure called life. Get in touch as I’d love to hear from you and please feel free to comment and share on all my posts. Become a member and you will receive exclusive monthly meditations, articles, access to my new private mindfulness group on FB and exclusive discounts for all my live events.

Alison Canavan is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of neuroscience and human behaviour. She is an award winning author of wellness book “Minding Mum”, a health and wellness coach, Master NLP Practitioner and International motivational speaker. Having travelled the world as one of Ireland’s most successful international models for nearly two decades, in recent years she has devoted her time to her greatest passion: true health and wellbeing.

Helping people to join the dots with their health and wellbeing is Alison’s primary goal and passion. Her interest in nutrition began in 2009 when she started studying Fitness Nutrition Coaching under NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association), in the United States. She graduated with distinction in Nutrition and Health Coaching from Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH). She holds an Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition therapeutics.

Alongside that she has a Raw Foods Mastery level 3 where she studied at The Life Change Health Institute.

She also holds a diploma in PR, Marketing and Sales management from DBS and has studied business in The National College of Ireland NCI. She is currently continuing her studies in mindfulness at UCLA.

Alison has become a highly sought after motivational speaker, regularly being invited to deliver talks and workshops on health, wellbeing, meditation, mental health and sobriety at conferences, festivals and events for both the general public and corporate clients. She spoke at The Mindful Life Conference in Washington in April 2017. She has lectured in Trinity College on the module of Motherhood and Mental Health. She delivers talks on stress in the workplace to CEO’s and business leaders across the country and in June 2014 she chaired and spoke at the first ever Barnardos Parental Mental Health Conference in Ireland at Croke Park.

Alison has a weekly wellness column called ‘NIRVANA’ in The Sunday Independent and a column in Positive Life Magazine. She has contributed to numerous publications through the years including You Magazine, VIP Magazine, The Daily Mail, pregnancy and parenting and many more. She is also a regular contributor to radio and TV shows.

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Alison was catapulted onto the international stage at the tender age of 15 when she represented Ireland in the Supermodel of the World competition in Las Vegas and had the privilege of presenting ‘Entertainment TV’ for the event. This has spawned a near 22 year career in the fashion industry, which has taken her to the main fashion capitals of London, Paris, Milan and New York and as far around the world as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. After spending 7 years in London she moved to New York where she was based for 8 years working all over the US. Her career diversified into TV, Film, and voice-over work and most recently into writing. There, she worked with renowned voice and dialect coach to the stars, Sam Chwat as well as many other great teachers.

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Alison’s CV includes the prestigious Lux Soap Packaging Worldwide Campaign, Organics Hair TV Commercial, L’Oreal US campaign and commercials for Maxwell House, Bank of Portugal, Braun, Cadbury Aero, Paramount Pictures to name but a few. She has also done photo shoots for many designers and catalogues worldwide and featured on a variety of magazine covers She has appeared in numerous music videos including Boyzone and Wet, Wet, Wet. Alison has graced the runways worldwide for such renowned clients as Hermes, La Croix, Rochas, Paul Costelloe, John Rocha, Nicole Fahri, Hussein Chaylan, Hugo Boss, Episode, Marks and Spencer, BHS, Harrods, Selfridges, The Clothes Show, Igedo, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, and L.K. Bennett, among others. She has also made featured appearances at the British Fashion Awards and the British High Street Fashion Awards.
Her abilities in front of camera, along with her people skills has led to appearances in productions/movies such as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘Let Me Out’(US) and ‘The Matrix’. Alison has been interviewed live on many programmes such as the Late Late Show (Ireland), Off The Rails (Ireland), The Afternoon Programme (Ireland), Entertainment TV (U.S), Good Morning America (U.S) and Clothes Show (UK).

Alison is a passionate humanitarian and spent time in Calcutta with Goal founder John O’Shea in 2006. Her current charitable focus sees her donating her time and services to charities for children including Barnardos and Make A Wish. She is also the current Ambassador for Walk in My Shoes alongside Adam Clayton and Brent Pope, which is a national awareness and fundraising campaign empowering people across Ireland with mental health difficulties.

Alison returned home to Ireland 2010. During her pregnancy she was the Face of Mothercare, featured in several Pregnancy publications and presented a series of pregnancy diaries on TV3’s Ireland AM. She was recently interviewed again on the Late Late show with Ryan Tubridy and has appeared on The Health of the Nation on RTE as well as many others. Her main focus is education and information drawing on the difficulties she herself has experienced in her life. Her message is one of positivity and hope. She believes that with passion and determination anything is possible. For more information please Contact Me