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As appears monthly in VIP. You’ve just managed to get some kind of order into your life. You start to relax and think, ‘hey I’ve got this parenting thing sorted’ and all of a sudden big red rosy cheeks appear. Along with drooling, a very sad little face and a quivering bottom lip, this my […]

Precious Moments / Keepsakes

As appears monthly in VIP. When I was out for lunch recently there was a newborn baby at the next table, a tiny precious bundle. But wait my baby is a newborn? Was he really that small? Where is the time going? James is turning into a little bruiser! I wanted to remember his little […]

My First Blog

Hi there, this is my very first blog entry for the online diary section of my new website. I’m so excited as my best friend AJ Celi just got into town. Some of you may know her from the new hit show On E! called “Married to Rock”. I know her as my crazy girlfriend […]

ROUTINE and soothing

As appears monthly in VIP. If one more person asks ‘have you got your baby into a routine yet?’ I think I’ll scream. I’m well aware that a good routine is best for the baby, and you in the long run, but the pressure to be the perfect parent gets a bit much sometimes. I’ve […]


Mum’s the word I’ve created this part of my site for new Mums. A new little bundle of joy is the greatest gift you could ever be given. That new baby smell and their tiny little fingers and toes. You stare at them watching for every breath. You created this little person and it’s one […]

La Leche League

Breast Feeding – La Leche League My name is Joan Broe and I am a La Leche League Leader. I am also the mother of two fantastic boys, aged 9 and 6. I had a lot of difficulty and needed medical assistance to help me conceive my first son and so I was hoping that […]

Practical tips – out & about with baby in tow

As appears monthly in VIP. Wow is the only way to start this months topic. Leaving the house has become quite an ordeal. I’m getting quite good at it now but I still never fail to leave something behind including James! I was so preoccupied with having the buggie, blankets, his bag, my bag that […]


My media files Welcome to my media page where I would like to share some of my work and interviews with you. For all you pregnant girlies out there I hope you enjoy my pregnancy diaries.


Welcome to my gallery page. Here you’ll find images of my work going back to my early years. To view full size images simply click on the thumbnails below, then scroll left and right to browse, hit escape to close


Baby Blues

Ssshhh It’s a secret! Daft isn’t it in this day and age. Suffering from the baby blues does not make you a bad Mum, wife, partner or anything else for that matter. It happens to nearly 60/70% of women and no one is 100% sure why it affects some women and not others. You cry […]