Meet Brendan Gaughran

Where science meets spirituality…

Brendan & AlisonMy brother's clients call daily expressing their gratitude for his amazing products. Nearly 100% of those people express how stressed and overwhelmed they are too.

Most of my coaching clients have digestive issues stemming from stress, lifestyle, and various other factors too.



We know it’s an inside-out world and when I moved to the United States last year I ended up with terrible digestive issues, leaky gut, and candida as the food is so different. Of course, I called my brother asking for his help and expertise.

Brendan is a Molecular Biologist and he's one of the smartest people I know in this field. For many years, Brendan has been my 'go-to' person in the wellbeing industry for good science.

Not only does he conduct health lectures to the general public but he works with many physicians across America, who currently stock his products for their patients.

He is also a regular on radio shows where he discusses various health trends here in the United States. His research focuses primarily on gut health, liver health, the endocrine system, adrenal fatigue, and optimum diets.

His incredible products have helped me heal and return to full health.

That’s when we knew merging our services would be a match made in heaven.

Our primary focus is to combine our knowledge and areas of expertise to create an online community of ‘Where Hearts Unite’ (Coming Soon) where we will be offering coaching services, meditation classes, live Q&A sessions, and special offers to help you truly transform your health and heal from within.