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    Alison is a powerful, intuitive, amazingly gifted mentor who has guided me on my own journey of self discovery through her Dreambuilder course.

    I know that she lives and breathes what she coaches so I’m truly grateful I found someone authentic and incredibly knowledgeable to help me understand and expand myself. I really liked the pace of the course and each week it’s a stepping stone to dig deeper to uncover the many layers of yourself and gain insight and awareness into why you do the things you do! It’s been a revelation for me in so many ways and helped me heal parts of me that before this, I didn’t even acknowledge were hurting.

    Dreambuilding has shown me the limiting beliefs I had which were a stumbling block to building a business that I want. It has helped me face fears and self doubt and I now move forward with a new and more expansive perspective on life. Doing this course is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

    A heartfelt THANK YOU Alison for coming into my life at the right time; for vibrating from such a high place; for radiating so much love, support and understanding.