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    THE FULL 360



    People are more stressed and busier than ever, and we all put enormous pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone, often treating ourselves quite harshly and negatively. It's time to practice self-care to cope with the demands of our busy world.

    The Full 360 is about joining the dots with our health and wellbeing and having fun along the way.

    Our health is everything and with so much conflicting information out there I share real accessible lifestyle tips on how to eat, sleep, move, live more sustainably, communicate and feel better.



    Our happiness is determined by our daily habits. I will show you how to make small changes that will lead to a big difference in how you view the world and in turn yourself. Using practices like gratitude, manifestation and affirmations there is nothing you can’t achieve and be.



    To heal we must first go within and connect with ourselves. I will lead guided meditations and explain how to bring mindfulness into our everyday life. This will help to give you space and enable you to slow down and destress. We can cope with anything when we have the right tools.



    “My mam and I were at the event in Athlone. It was one of the best days out I’ve ever had. The one major thing I’m grateful for from yesterday is you. You are amazing in every way. Keep shining your light.”


    “Alison can I thank you for such a wonderful day. I cried a few times I won’t lie but my god I enjoyed it so much. We were at the front man me and My fiancé Donal was one of only 2 men there and he really enjoyed it too. You’re a beautiful person inside & out.”


    “I feel we are spiritual beings having a human experience and boy, you are a wonderful spirit. You have a lovely warm, caring presence and I feel the better for having experienced it. Keep doing what you are doing, I feel it’s helping loads of people, including Louise and I. Looking forward to keeping up with you, through Louise. Lots of love and best wishes.”


    “Hello Ali, I attended your full 360 show on Sunday and I found you to be so inspiring and completely amazing. I am so into health and wellness. Thank you for an amazing day on Sunday”

    “I was recently at your full 360 in Athlone and my god I came away with such a different attitude and mentality. You have thought me about stripping back the layers of the onions and looking after your inner and outer self as much as you can daily. Sitting with E-Motions and letting them pass, using the 4,7,8 for anxious moments and grateful journaling. You truly inspired me yesterday. I left my phone downstairs last night, didn’t check it until I’d been up for an hour and grabbed ten minutes to meditate and centre myself. My day has been calmer and more productive already. Can’t believe the impact such small changes are making already! So thank you. Have ordered a copy of your book too. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing opening minds to this”

    “Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. So much of what you said really resonated with me. I started some training with the ICPPD in Mindfulness last year and hope to continue. You’re a total inspiration and best of luck with everything”



    Invite Alison to bring the Full 360 to your organization.