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      The most important currency to drive growth isn’t a financial measure. It’s the capitalization of your personal energy and that of the people you surround yourself with.

      Thank you for choosing such an amazing speaker today. She was incredible. I got stopped by almost every person that left with the same sentiments. Many said that this was one of the best events they have ever been to. I am grateful to have heard her message today; and, I know the chapter is as well.” EO St Louis

      Upcoming Events

      Leading from within

      We are in a period of transition where the possibilities are limitless, the future of leadership invites a paradigm shift. It requires leaders who understand the power of self-awareness, authenticity, and compassion."Leading from Within" is a visionary approach to leadership that fosters personal growth, inspires teams, and catalyzes positive change in society through the mastery of one’s own energy.


      Adam Clayton


      "I first met Alison on the ‘Walk In My Shoes’ fund raising and awareness project. Ali was a rock of good sense and committed to sharing her story with anyone who needed help or could help. She has an intuitive personality and a need to open things up for discussion until she understands all aspects of the issues. Ali is a doer and I am grateful that she has given so much of herself to raise awareness for mental health issues in Ireland."


      Dealer Inspire

      CEO & Co-Founder

      "Alison Canavan was an uplifting, insightful speaker. We were lucky to have her keynote at our event; Refuel. She had our audience engaged, present, and even had people up and dancing. What I found most valuable was her takeaways for our team to lead a more meaningful impactful journey with their life."


      Fergus Finlay

      CEO, Barnardos

      "Alison's energy, insight and emotional intelligence make her a joy to work with. She's an honest and powerful speaker who can hold an audience spellbound, and she puts her all into everything she does. We've always been grateful for her support for the work we do in Barnardos, but more than that because she is a continuing source of inspiration and ideas."


      Stacy Marshall


      “Alison was scheduled to present ways to practice self-care via mindfulness.  Unbeknownst to her, her audience was a multigenerational mixture of skeptics and receptive team members who are analysts by trade.  Even though she endured some technical difficulties, she did not miss a beat.  She completely engaged the audience through her use of media, team exercises and animated narrative.  Even months after the event, team members are still talking about her successful event and using the diaries that she created to further instill the principles of mindfulness.  In fact, a few have suggested that they wished that she would come back on a regular basis!  We highly recommend her, especially to gain tools to better insulate employees from burnout, COVID weariness and, above all, fear!”


      Melanie Meyer

      Executive Director YPO St Louis

      “YPO St. Louis recently hosted Aly Canavan for an evening of Mindfulness.  Her rating was a perfect 10, along with comments from YPO members stating how much they enjoyed the resource.  Personally, I’ve hosted hundreds of events over the course of my 17 year career with YPO.  I think Aly is one of the best resources we’ve ever had.  I would highly recommend her to other YPO chapters.”


      Jared Turner Amare Global

      “From the moment Alison walked on stage to keynote our annual convention, to the moment she walked off, the audience was absolutely captivated. Our event was themed

      “Transformation” and her insights, vulnerability, and energy aligned with the theme and inspired everyone present. As I looked across the room I saw people emotionally engage with her stories and grounding techniques. (Our executive team continues to use them to manage our stress to this day.) Even those uninitiated in mindfulness practices found her teachings practical for use in daily life. Our audience loved her message and we will be working more with her in the future.”


      Our Clients

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      Meet Alison

      Alison Canavan is an acclaimed international speaker, wellness coach, and mindfulness advocate, inspiring audiences worldwide with her powerful message of energy management, personal growth and well-being. As a former international model, she has graced the world's most prominent runways and magazines, but it is her journey beyond the spotlight that truly captivates hearts and minds.

      Alison's life took unexpected turns, leading her through mental health struggles and addictions. These challenges became the catalyst for her remarkable transformation and ultimate purpose - to empower others to live life to the fullest.

      Alison believes that energy is the currency of the future. She teaches that the most important currency to drive growth isn’t a financial measure. It’s the capitalization of your personal energy and that of the people you surround yourself with.

      The more we scale inward, the more we can serve outwards

      Energy management connects people to their purpose, unlocking creativity, clarity, and inspired action. When individuals understand how their work aligns with their personal values and contributes to a larger mission, they are motivated and driven to make a meaningful impact.

      Alison’s work activates self-love, motivates aligned action, stimulates compassion, and expands consciousness. Promotes overall well-being and reduces the risk of energy depletion.
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      Drives Employee Engagement:
      Only 32% of U.S. employees overall were engaged in 2022

      Instills a sense of value and purpose in employees, increases higher performance, engagement and commitment to their work. Overall, it encourages team collaboration where people feel seen, heard and validated and have better job satisfaction.

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      Connects to Purpose:
      Four in 5 Americans (81%) believe there is an ultimate purpose and plan for every person’s life

      Employees with a clear sense of purpose are more motivated, committed, and engaged. Purpose driven work can stimulate innovative thinking and creative problem-solving leading to a stronger company culture.

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      Prevents Burnout:
      79% of people experiencing burnout at work!

      My work acts as a protective shield against burnout, reduces stress and saves on healthcare. It improves work life balance, motivates aligned action and improves mental health.

      By taking care of the individuals within the business, business takes care of itself

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