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      Meet Alison

      Hi, I’m Alison

      International Motivational Speaker,
      Transformational Coach & Author


      If so, join about 90% of people who have their life on hold until they are READY!!

      What does ready even mean? Are we ever really ready?

      The time is NOW. Your life is happening right now in this moment and your next choice matters.

      Born in Dublin, Ireland

      Represented Ireland in the Ford Supermodel of the World Competition where my 20-year career as an International model began. Graced the covers of hundreds of magazines and walked many runways for designers. I lived all over the world including NYC, Paris, London, Sydney, South Africa and many more.


      Travelled to Calcutta in India with Goal and spent many years working in philanthropy for multiple Mental Health, Addiction and Children’s Charities around the world.

      Spoke at and chaired the 1st ever parental mental health conference in Ireland when my speaking career was taking off and continuing to grow worldwide.

      Published first book – Self-care for new mums and continued to do live events called ‘The Full 360’ and ran workshops all over Ireland and keynotes in the US.

      Moved to the United States to follow my dreams, lost everything, hit rock bottom due to Covid and turned it around again using the principles I teach!!

      Your pain holds a magical formula for your personal transformation and growth.


      Through navigating many dark nights of the soul, I’ve learnt to transform my pain into power and listen. Truly listen to the call from within. Over these past three years, I’ve done some of my deepest work yet. My mental, physical and spiritual health has continued to grow exponentially from this journey.

      In December 2019, after moving to LA to begin our dream life, my dreams came crashing down fast with lockdown, when the job I came to do, disappeared overnight. I was terrified, lonely and felt like the rug had been pulled from underneath my feet, yet again.

      Instead of letting the ‘why me’ take hold for too long, I went inwards and practiced what I teach. While my transformation this time, was more profound than ever, so was my pain. I questioned being here, and often struggled to take another breath when the trauma so deeply embedded,rose from within. I felt it would never end.

      This time I didn’t pick up the wine bottle, I didn’t let my anxiety get the better of me. I showed up and sat with the pain. If I wanted the freedom that is part of life’s plan for me, I knew this deep work was unavoidable.


      Part of my soul’s mission is to learn how to turn pain into power, understand pain, alchemize it and see its teachings and potential. My daily prayer each morning is

      How can I serve?

      I’m a single mum to an 11-year-old boy and my intention for him is to have a strong, present, supportive and positive role model. In this lifetime I am clearing old generational wounds and patterns. Some of these patterns have lived in my DNA for hundreds of years.

      My Work...

      is about understanding yourself on a much deeper level. Our mind, body, and spirit are connected, and they all affect each other. If one is out of balance, the others are too.

      We all need to find a level of balance and harmony that works for us.

      WHAT I ENCOURAGE is radical awareness of self so that you can truly begin to see your patterns. Awareness is the greatest agent for change in your life and with acceptance comes a willingness from within to take the next steps that truly matter.

      Making small daily changes helps you to build the confidence to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Consistency and discipline are the master teachers of this journey and showing up every single day, no matter what stands in your way, will lead you to a life of greatness, fulfillment, fun, joy, love, effortless expansion, growth and connection. Success is a side effect of living this way.

      No matter what anyone tells you, it’s never too late to change your life.

      Most importantly showing up and doing the work is about giving yourself permission to lead with love and practice self-care and self-compassion. If I have learned one thing on this journey, it’s that self-care is not selfish, it’s the most selfless thing you can do.

      We are all here to serve and when we serve from this place and space instead of passing our pain onto others, we can hold space for others to heal too

      So, join me on this adventure.

      I would love to work with you and help you to build the life you deserve.

      Your dream life is waiting.
      So, what are you waiting for?

      "Your Next Choice Matters
      Let's make It A Great One"

      Alison Canavan has been named one of the top 8 transformational coaches in the US by USA Today for 2021. She specializes in managing change, stress, burnout & overwhelm. She helps companies support their workforce who are transitioning back into the corporate office and finding their work/life balance. Her focus is on 360 health and wellbeing with mental health; including depression and anxiety being at the forefront and focus of her work. Alison is a UCLA trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior, a Master NLP Practitioner, HeartMath facilitator, Nutritional coach, Raw Foods Master and an award-winning author of Minding Mum – It’s Time to Take Care of You – the world’s first 360 self-care book for mums focusing on Mums health and wellbeing post birth.

      Alison’s workshops and talks include incredible tools for transforming and understanding people’s daily struggles which include chronic stress (responsible for 90% of disease), anxiety, depression and addiction in all forms from sugar to alcohol, co-dependency and more– helping people to become more aware of what’s driving their habits. Her heart-led business and 360 approach to wellbeing is innovative, inclusive and accessible to all.

      As a meditation teacher she understands the power of a daily mindful approach to living. She believes that to create peace in our life we must carve out time for self-care, go within and create space to heal, learn and grow.

      Alison has worked with thousands of clients in her private practice and for over a decade has been teaching about The Power of Gratitude on stages across the world and how it can create incredible perception and paradigm shifts in your life. Through her life changing 5-minute journal, Alison offers an innovative way in a short time every day to experience real change.

      She spoke at The Mindful Life Conference in Washington in April 2017. She has lectured in Trinity College in Ireland on the module of Motherhood and Mental Health. In June 2014 she chaired and spoke at the first-ever Barnardos Parental Mental Health Conference in Ireland at Croke Park. She delivers talks on stress in the workplace to CEO’s and business leaders across the world and has become a highly sought-after motivational speaker and contributor to the wellness space. Some of her previous clients include, You Tube, Plancorp, Vista, Medstar Health, Bank of Ireland, Allianz, Deloitte, City National Bank, Moxifit, Aegis Living, Google, Barnardos, Deutsche Telekom, AllBright, Coinbase, Vitality, Paypal and Bristol Myers Squibb.

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