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Alison Canavan and Brendan Gangran
What happens when you get a sister who meditates and a brother who formulates coming together to join forces in the wellbeing space?

You get a unique combination of science and spirituality that melds in an authentic and heart centered way to help people heal.

With over 40 years combined in the wellbeing industry, we have joined forces after listening to our clients and realising we need to bring more ‘Heart into our Health’.

Wellness Starts Within

Hi, I'm Alison

International motivational speaker, transformational coach & author

As an international model, I spent 20 years walking the runways for some of the most famous designers in the world. However, behind the smile was crippling depression, anxiety, and addictions. I was immersed in the material world of worth: fashion and beauty. Despite being on the cover of numerous magazines I still felt worthless. I knew something had to change and through deep introspection and an understanding that I am my own guru, these days I now know my health is my wealth and my inner world my real playground.

We all have greatness within us no matter what we have been told. I help people unleash their inner strength. Becoming the most powerful version of yourself is essential to living your best life. I have trained 1000’s of people from corporations, associations, schools, and businesses to access their inner guru through accessible mindful techniques and lifestyle practices. 

How I Can Help

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