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      International Transformational Speaker

      “She’s an honest and powerful speaker who can hold an audience spellbound”

      Alison is a popular and powerful speaker for organizations around the world. From keynote speeches to workshops, Alison looks at ‘The Full 360’ approach to our health and wellbeing, encouraging people to look at all areas of their lives and not just one or two.

      She is passionate about human potential and helping people to reach theirs. She shares the secrets of the universe and the art and science of making change happen. These tools and trainings help people connect, go within and create lasting change through awareness, intuition and everyday small behavioral changes. This makes it easier and more manageable to change habits, try new things and a live a life of greatness and joy.

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      Client Testimonials

      YPO St. Louis recently hosted Aly Canavan for an evening of Mindfulness. Her rating was a perfect 10, along with comments from YPO members stating how much they enjoyed the resource. Personally, I’ve hosted hundreds of events over the course of my 17 year career with YPO. I think Aly is one of the best resources we’ve ever had. I would highly recommend her to other YPO chapters.

      Melanie Meyer

      Executive Director

      “I really enjoyed working with Aly.  Her energy really lights up the room.  Her positivity and radiance are like a breath of fresh air.  The grounding practice before each session started was key to helping us focus on the material.  I know I always come to meetings with a million thoughts and I have to struggle to focus.  Aly made that easy for us.  Aly shared simple, attainable solutions with us and talked about making small changes.  This is really smart since making changes can be overwhelming.  I cannot thank Aly enough and am so appreciative of the time she spent with us.”

      City National Bank

      Aubrey J. Foerster, CFA

      “I was pleased to hire Alison Canavan as a keynote speaker for our educational training camp in May of this year. We choose Alison because of her talents as a writer, educator, and speaker. She has a beautiful way of helping people understand the importance of their health and the connection between one's body, mind, and heart. She is a gifted speaker who shares her talents with everyone in the room through compassion, love, and humor. She captures your attention, inspires you to think, and her words motivate you to be better. Better to yourself, better to each other, and better in the world.”

      CEO Moxifit Body Fuel, LLC

      Susan Radway

      “Alison has been a fantastic addition to the Allianz Active & Aware program. Her enthusiasm and passion for Health and Well-being was palpable from the moment she arrived. Her honesty about her journey was refreshing and ensured that her presentation was incredibly interesting and most importantly enabled her to connect with the groups she was addressing. Her presentation style is effortlessly engaging, exuberant and infectious, and most importantly inspirational as she demonstrates how everyone has the ability to take control of our well-being destiny.”

      CEO & Co-Founder

      Aoife Lawlor

      “Alison joined us for the final day of our annual three-day off-site meeting to help us focus on personal development. Alison's session was at once practical in terms of steps we can take to balance home life and work life, but in truth it delivered much more...introspection, self-reflection, emotion and motivation. It was real, tapped into our investment in our people in a genuine way and allowed us to look at our development as people rather than employees. It hit exactly the right note and at the right time. I would highly recommend Alison if you are open to honesty, sincerity and looking after your team beyond what the "job" provides them.”

      CEO Kyne

      Jacqueline Kyne

      “As a PTSD survivor, I wanted to say thank you for reminding me of some of the methods I can do to make my day smoother and to own my downs as well as ups… we (me especially) are too uick to self-criticize and it's an easy pattern in which to slip back into. The workshop was a wonderful break and much needed re-set in what is a stressful time for all of us.”


      Allison at Albany

      “We are a people focused business and are committed to supporting people's wellbeing. Alison's mindfulness workshops were excellent and enabled people to think how they balance the pressures of modern life. Alison presented virtually and was engaging, approachable and kept very high energy levels. We can't wait to have her back.”

      M.D. Albany SPC Services LTD

      Michael Williams

      “I was lucky enough to take Alison's Envision Your life course during this questionable Covids time. Alison's calm and soothing demeanor, and gracious energy, offered the perfect restorative exercise needed to get back on track. I was able to focus on my goals and envision where I see myself. I felt so much calmer and motivated after her session and was deeply touched by the journaling exercise. I quickly referred her to many of my contacts. She offered one of the best private sessions my women's group has ever encountered. Alison is a special light force and I feel grateful to have been able to participate and work with her.”

      Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC

      Christina Manville

      'I just want to thank Alison so so much!!! It was simply wonderful. So much powerful information.
      Her energy, enthusiasm was infectious.
      We are incredibly grateful that she shared her time with us this afternoon.'


      Jennifer Kirby


      7 Reasons Why
      you should
      Book Alison Canavan
      for your next event

      Actionable Techniques

      Audiences are excited to learn actionable techniques for obtaining optimal health and wellness.

      Life Changing Tools

      Alison leverages decades of experience educating audiences about the mind-body connection to offer them life-changing tools for relieving stress and depression.

      Simple to understand

      Her simple-to-understand techniques offer listeners relief from the stresses of daily work and personal life.

      Globally Recognized

      As a globally recognized speaker, Alison’s keynotes have positively impacted thousands of listeners who’ve incorporated her suggestions into their daily routine.

      Positive Influence

      Her calming and dynamic presentation positively influences individual lives and corporate cultures.

      Intuitive Coaching

      Alison offers intuitive coaching sessions that help her clients assess and approach their lives using her Full 360 technique.


      Wherever you are on your journey, Alison can help.

      Our Clients

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