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      The ALY Code - Activate Loving Yourself through mindset, meditation and breathwork techniques

      Start Your Journey

      Why join The ALY Code?

      Whether you’re new to doing the work or a seasoned deep diver into your inner world, this community will help you to become the best version of yourself.

      If you feel like you have been learning about personal development for years but still not making progress, then this is the community for you. If you feel like the journey can be and has been lonely at times, then this is the community for you.

      Each month I will guide you through meditations, coaching sessions, healing circles and I will also have a special guest here to help guide you to the next level in your spiritual development.

      This work will help you move past limitations and blocks and onto a path of personal freedom.

      The ALY Code is a sacred space for healing, growth, freedom and love.

      • The no.1 gift you can give yourself is love and building that relationship with yourself will truly transform everything else in your life.
      • Healing can be lonely, and the spiritual journey can be very isolating at times
      • This intention in creating this community is to support you on your path through challenges, meditation, coaching, sacred sharing circles, workshops and special guest teachers each month.
      • You don’t have to walk this path alone and in fact you are not meant to. Walk with your sisters, learn to really love yourself and shine your light bright.
      • You don’t have to walk this path alone and in fact you are not meant to. Walk with your sisters, learn to really love yourself and shine your light bright.

      Here are the 3 pillars on which The Aly Code is built. With a better mindset and more presence and awareness, you will want to move your body, eat better, treat yourself better in every way and start to truly love yourself.


      Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

      The ALY Code

      $33.00 USD

      Auto Billed each month, pause or cancel anytime

      • Monthly Circle
      • Coaching Calls
      • Meditation Classes
      • Breathwork
      • Monthly Mindset Workshop
      • Community feed (like facebook)
      • Monthly Community Challenges
      • Special Guest Teachers and Speakers
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      Get 2 MONTHS FREE with an annual subscription

      $330.00 USD

      Auto Billed Annually

      • Everything Monthly with 2 months free
      • A 1:1 Coaching Session with Alison for the first 10 annual members
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      Who is this for?

      • Person of any age and background looking for support and accountability in a private, safe space.
      • Amazing person looking for a community where they can learn about self-love, real healing and regulating their nervous system.
      • Person looking for real connection with other person around the world in a non-judgmental space.
      • Person who are looking for accessible and practical teachings that actually make a difference in your day-to-day life and help you to dive much deeper into you and your journey of growth, healing and transformation.

      How much time will The ALY Code take? I’m scared I can’t commit fully?

      Like everything in life, we get out of it what we put into it. There will be resources monthly, coaching sessions and sharing circles and you can take part in some of them or all of them. Some months you might feel like doing it all and then some months just dip in and out. Move at your own pace but know I am here to support you and meet you where you are, and I am 100% committed to your growth.

      How can I benefit from this membership?

      Personal awareness and consistent practices create quantum leaps in our life and incredible growth. The ALY Code is a comprehensive style of coaching and personal development tools that really move the needle in your life and open you up to greater self-love and peace. There will be monthly challenges to keep it interesting and engaging too.

      I don’t live in the US? Will the program still work for me timewise?

      Times will vary for sessions each month and include weekends to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to join live. All sessions are also recorded and uploaded directly to the membership site after each session. I work with clients all over the world.

      Will $77 a month be worth it?

      The greatest investment you can ever make in your life is in your own personal development. I would not be where I am today without my amazing teachers, mentors and trainings I have invested in. I am a great believer in investing in myself and this membership is an investment of $2.50 a day, I know a small latte in my local coffee shop is $7. Join for the year and get 2 months free so that’s $154 off!! The great thing is you can join and if it’s not for you there’s no commitment and you can stop your membership anytime you like.

      Can I have a 1:1 session with Alison?

      In the membership you will have access to Aly in all the live sessions where you can ask questions, get support and connect in the community. You can also submit a question for the live coaching call and if you are not there it will still be answered and recorded.

      What do I get inside The ALY Code?

      • You will get live weekly calls each month including coaching, a circle, a workshop, live meditation and breathwork classes.
      • There will be a guest teacher each month from the wellness space There is a community to connect with, challenges to do and lots of recorded workshops, meditations and content for you to work through each month.

      Adam Clayton


      "I first met Alison on the ‘Walk In My Shoes’ fund raising and awareness project. Ali was a rock of good sense and committed to sharing her story with anyone who needed help or could help. She has an intuitive personality and a need to open things up for discussion until she understands all aspects of the issues. Ali is a doer and I am grateful that she has given so much of herself to raise awareness for mental health issues in Ireland."


      Dealer Inspire

      CEO & Co-Founder

      "Alison Canavan was an uplifting, insightful speaker. We were lucky to have her keynote at our event; Refuel. She had our audience engaged, present, and even had people up and dancing. What I found most valuable was her takeaways for our team to lead a more meaningful impactful journey with their life."


      Fergus Finlay

      CEO, Barnardos

      "Alison's energy, insight and emotional intelligence make her a joy to work with. She's an honest and powerful speaker who can hold an audience spellbound, and she puts her all into everything she does. We've always been grateful for her support for the work we do in Barnardos, but more than that because she is a continuing source of inspiration and ideas."


      Stacy Marshall


      “Alison was scheduled to present ways to practice self-care via mindfulness. Unbeknownst to her, her audience was a multigenerational mixture of skeptics and receptive team members who are analysts by trade. Even though she endured some technical difficulties, she did not miss a beat. She completely engaged the audience through her use of media, team exercises and animated narrative. Even months after the event, team members are still talking about her successful event and using the diaries that she created to further instill the principles of mindfulness. In fact, a few have suggested that they wished that she would come back on a regular basis! We highly recommend her, especially to gain tools to better insulate employees from burnout, COVID weariness and, above all, fear!”


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