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      Envisioning Your Life

      DreamBuilder is a proven, repeatable and reliable system of transformation that really works. Watch the FREE Envision Your Life Webinar to learn more about this amazing 90 day transformation program.

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      What Is Dreambuilder

      Have you ever truly allowed yourself to dream? Do you have dreams that you feel could never happen because of your current life situation?

      Well, whether you want to fill your life with love, purpose, abundance or great relationships, DreamBuilding can take you there. So many of us feel stuck or stagnant, unable to move beyond our current situation because we have been taught to settle for less and have bought into all sorts of stories about ourselves and our lives.

      Through learning The Art and Science of Transformation you can begin to build a life you love living in every area imaginable.

      Ask yourself:What makes me come alive? And then consider this question What not me?

      So, join me on a journey of DreamBuilding and unlock the future of your dreams. So, what will it be? A fulfilling career, a beautiful relationship, health and vitality or maybe just a sense of purpose, presence and flow.

      Whatever you desire, you have the power to manifest through your own inner resources. As we peel away the layers of doubt and insecurity, you will emerge from your chrysalis ready to fly. So, what are you waiting for? Book your strategy session with me today


      In our strategy session we will do what’s called a mirroring session where we look at your current situation through your longing and discontent and then we jump 3 years from now and look at your Dream life.

      I will explain how manifestation really works and why it’s important to understanding energy, frequency and vibration and then your DreamBuilding journey begins



      Adam Clayton


      "I first met Alison on the ‘Walk In My Shoes’ fund raising and awareness project. Ali was a rock of good sense and committed to sharing her story with anyone who needed help or could help. She has an intuitive personality and a need to open things up for discussion until she understands all aspects of the issues. Ali is a doer and I am grateful that she has given so much of herself to raise awareness for mental health issues in Ireland."


      Dealer Inspire

      CEO & Co-Founder

      "Alison Canavan was an uplifting, insightful speaker. We were lucky to have her keynote at our event; Refuel. She had our audience engaged, present, and even had people up and dancing. What I found most valuable was her takeaways for our team to lead a more meaningful impactful journey with their life."


      Fergus Finlay

      CEO, Barnardos

      "Alison's energy, insight and emotional intelligence make her a joy to work with. She's an honest and powerful speaker who can hold an audience spellbound, and she puts her all into everything she does. We've always been grateful for her support for the work we do in Barnardos, but more than that because she is a continuing source of inspiration and ideas."


      Stacy Marshall


      “Alison was scheduled to present ways to practice self-care via mindfulness.  Unbeknownst to her, her audience was a multigenerational mixture of skeptics and receptive team members who are analysts by trade.  Even though she endured some technical difficulties, she did not miss a beat.  She completely engaged the audience through her use of media, team exercises and animated narrative.  Even months after the event, team members are still talking about her successful event and using the diaries that she created to further instill the principles of mindfulness.  In fact, a few have suggested that they wished that she would come back on a regular basis!  We highly recommend her, especially to gain tools to better insulate employees from burnout, COVID weariness and, above all, fear!”


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