snapchatI'm deeply passionate about all things health and wellness and the importance of the message that self care is selfless. I think real happiness comes from doing what you love, treating yourself with kindness and compassion and surrounding yourself with people who lift you up.

I'm on a mission to help people join the dots with their health and wellbeing, understanding that we're all different and although we all ultimately want to feel fulfilled, content and happy there are many paths that take us there.

Join me on my quest to find the best food, products, people and places that not only serve us from the inside out but also from the outside in. Oh and don't forget to have a little fun along the way. READ MORE 


Fergus Finlay, CEO Barnardos


SHAY BYRNE - Presenter of Risin

Lucy Kennedy, TV Presenter

Aoife Lawlor, Allianz


Mums are well prepared for pregnancy and birth but when baby arrives, nearly all tend to neglect themselves to focus on their precious new bundle. Minding Mum is a simple yet revolutionary concept – mums need to focus on themselves as well as their children.

Wellness coach Alison Canavan shares the tips and tricks she's picked up on her journey through new motherhood and post-natal depression. She looks at the reality of a post-birth body and how it affects our own body image, as well as the importance of good food, exercise and making time for yourself and your own dreams, big or small.


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