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    Happy Tuesday everyone! Here’s a new cover of myself and James shot by the fantastic Naomi Gaffey. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Naomi and few times now over the past few months and I simply love her work. She has a no fuss approach, is great at what she does and most importantly the shoot is always fun. She is responsible for the massive response I had recently in London and The Dubliner cover (below) she shot with me last October was the reason I booked a big South American advertising campaign with photographer Robert Wyatt.

    Photographer Naomi Gaffey


    I met Billie Browne last year who owns Oh Baby magazine and was immediately impressed by her passion and enthusiasm for all things parenting. We chat for hours, brainstorming ideas and sharing our love for an industry we now live, eat and breathe. I never in a million years thought I would be so passionate about what I do. I’ve always enjoyed travelling and modelling but all through those years, my family, especially my Mum for used to say ‘you missed your calling, you really should be working with kids’! That’s why now it’s such a great feeling to wake up every day and love what I do.

    I was so honoured when Billie asked would I like to be on the cover with James. I love everything this magazine stands for and the quality of the content and relevance of the information is great for parents. I see great things for Billie Browne in the future and no one deserves it more.. I for one will be clapping from the sidelines as I watch her star grow and shine!

    Dubliner Cover
    Photographer Naomi Gaffey


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