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      If you’ve read this column before you will know what a crazy emotional being I am. My sister got married last week and it was an amazing day. She really was a dream bride. They had a wonderful day and are so happy. We’ve all had a bit of a rocky road and it was for this reason that I kept saying the mantra in the church ‘please don’t cry’ throughout the entire ceremony. We all miss Dad so much on days like this. How great would it have been for Laura to have him by her side? I find great comfort in the belief he was there in spirit with a big smile on his face. I can still remember what it felt like to hug him and when I feel really sad I close my eyes and try to feel that hug as it was so comforting and you always felt safe and protected.

      James was a pageboy and wore a tux and was so delicious I wanted to eat him. Black Tie saved the day 24hrs before the wedding as the tux James was supposed to wear was too big… long story!! Thanks so much to black tie who altered a mini tux in 2 hours and gave us precious memories we’ll have forever. James gave me precious memories in the church too. Playing his cars and saying over and over ‘Laura marry Ronan’ and saying Hi to everyone. At one point he had me laughing so much I felt like I was back in school in a fit of giggles I couldn’t stop waiting to be given out to by the priest.

      On a more serious note I really hope the government leave children and the less well off alone in this budget. Most days I genuinely don’t want to get out of bed recently and on these days I thank god for James who always manages to put a smile on my face. People can’t take much more and if the government lived in the real world they would know this. I will be posting more information on my site about this from both Barnardos and Stay Strong.

      FOR MUM

      I’m addicted to Rimmel London’s lasting finish 1000 kisses liptint. This 2 step application, one side a precision lip pen and the other a balm that seals it is a must for any busy Mum. Comes in 6 shades €7.45

      FOR BABY

      Having tux trouble for little ones well look no further
      €5.95 NAME IT stores

      Sally Go Round the Stars
      A beautifully illustrated collection of favourite nursery rhymes known and loved throughout Ireland. Includes Sally Go Round the Moon; Diddly, Diddle, Dumpling; Two Little Dicky Birds; Are Ye Right There, Michael?; Half a Pound of Tuppeny Rice and many more

      Sensational Kids recently hosted a special in-store event to celebrate the launch of its new Christmas toy collection at its toyshop in Kildare. The new Christmas collection is now available to purchase in-store and online and there is no delivery charge for orders over the value of €50. All proceeds raised through the shop go towards providing subsidised clinical services for children of all abilities including those with special needs.  The Farm Blocks Play set costs €25 complete with 36 pieces, including a colourful barn, fences, stable, trees, tractors, and animals, suitable for ages 3 and up.



      Hi Alison,
      There are so many good causes to give too around Christmas. Do you know of any special ones I should consider giving too?

      Hi Louise,

      Christmas is a time for Children therefore I would always prioritize children’s charities and hospitals. Unfortunately some children have to spend Christmas in hospital but this year Temple Street aim to make time spent in hospital less distressing, for both patients and their parents. They’re asking you to ‘help light up a child’s life’ this Christmas. To brighten up the lives of the many children who find themselves in their care, they hope to light up their Christmas with over 1,500 sustainable light-bulbs. They are asking for your generous support to help them light up their special hospital and provide state of the art care to their wonderful patients and their families at a time when they need it most. Visit or call 01 8784344 to make a donation or purchase specially designed Christmas cards. 


      We’re continuing to buy 1 pack of pampers = 1 vaccine to help eliminate Maternal & Newborn Tetanus (MNT) in the world’s poorest countries. To date Ireland has donated over 14 million vaccines to the campaign for more info Shopping in JoJoMamanBebe, which just arrived in Ireland. Welcome and congrats on your 50th store. Everything from pregnancy and beyond! VISITING page to keep up to date on all our competitions and news.

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