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      as printed in the U Magazine:


      Dear Me,

      Well how are you? Sorry I already know… confused, insecure, angry. Your parents don’t understand you and are trying to ruin your life. Well I know this is shocking but they actually have your best interests at heart and where you’re hanging around right now, yes that gap…. Well… you’ll be calling the guards absolutely disgusted at the kids down there right now.

      Wow, you have a rollercoaster of highs and lows ahead and mark my words there’s never a dull moment. At 15 your life has already begun to feel different. You’re in Paris modelling and soon you’ll have worked in nearly every country in the world. You’ll travel alone sometimes and although it seems scary it will make you independent and streetwise. Be careful though, don’t trust so easily. You think everyone is so nice and helpful but they’re not.

      Stop that smoking IT DOES NOT make you cool. Where are all those eejits now that you’re trying to impress?? You’ll still want a cig 18 years later and that’s battle is a pain in the butt! Stop throwing the butts on the roof where Mum can see them. You’re not in control. You don’t know everything and you really can’t handle your drink. Don’t replace the vodka with water as you’ll get caught. You’ll also get caught playing pool in the hideout when you’re supposed to be at school.

      You grow up fast and get hurt a lot so protect your heart. You’re a sensitive soul but appear confident and strong. You don’t have to and can ask for help when you need it. You will know true love in the form of a child, a beautiful little boy. You will find the peace and contentment you’ve been searching for and you will realise that the grass is not always greener.

      Love your family and spend time with your Dad. Unfortunately he won’t always be there. Never have regrets. Look forward not backwards. Appreciate what you have because you have a lot. Stay true to yourself. Enjoy every second of a beautiful journey that so few people are blessed with.

      Lots of hugs and kisses,
      An older wiser you xxxx

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