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      I popped into Maria yesterday in Life Cleanse on South William Street and as we sat down for tea she asked us would we like to taste her new raw cinnamon and orange superfood squares. Well taste them I did and then I devoured the whole bowl and I just knew I had to share the recipe for todays #TastyThursday


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      Cinnamon Orange Superfood Squares

      These little chocolate squares are packed full of antioxidants from the acai powder and the wild orange essential oil. ([email protected])

      Makes 10 small squares.
      Half a cup raw organic coconut oil (I used Vita Coco)
      Half a cup raw organic cacao powder
      2 tbsp raw organic honey
      2 tsp raw organic acai powder
      3 tsp organic ground cinnamon
      3 drops wild orange essential oil (I used doTERRA)
      2 tsp organic vanilla extract


      Warm the coconut oil in a small measuring jug or cup over a bowl of warm (not hot) water until it becomes liquid. Once the coconut oil has melted add the honey, vanilla and wild orange essential oil. Mix well with a small whisk or a fork. Slowly add in the dry ingredients mixing well to blend the flavours. Pour the mixture into a small rectangular baking tray or glass pyrex dish. Leave to set in the fridge for about 2 hours.


      Top Tip: It helps to trace out the squares with a hot knife after about 40 minutes to avoid cracking them when they have fully set!


      Take it from me they are divine and it looks like this is what I’ll be doing this evening!


      Maria is also having and urban retreat this weekend which is a one day workshop on all you need to know about detoxing and living a healthier life. If you are interested in joining her for a full day of yoga classes, detox and nutrition talks, juice and a healthy lunch.

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