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      National Baby Day 01

      It’s is a day that celebrates all things parenting and encourages parents to take a moment to cherish the magic of discovery with their child. Ahh it’s days like today that make me want another little baby. I have always been baby crazy so maybe someone would be kind enough to lend me a baby for national baby day!!!???????

      All joking aside, this is the second annual National Baby Day launched by Nurofen for children. Today to celebrate the launch of the NEW Nurofen for Children Cold & Flu & Pain range, pharmacies nationwide will provide advice to parents on children’s ailments such as cold & Flu and pain while also giving away 70,000 free thermometers (no purchase necessary).  I got mine this morning so thank you Nurofen!!


      Nurofen for Children, has also donated €5K today towards the play facilities at the Emergency Department of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

      Our children’s hospitals consistently and constantly need funding. Coping with a sick child can be difficult for the whole family including siblings and after all the biggest worry you should have as a child is what to play with next!

      National Baby Day 10

      Nurofen for Children also conducted some research which showed that three quarters of Irish parents admit to missing a minimum of 15 or more hours from work per year to stay at home and care for a child suffering from a cold or flu. Well if they had interviewed a very stressed mother in this house last week it would have been a full week.

      Children can suffer up to 8 colds per year and lets be honest if they are in school and creche they are a lot more likely to pick up whats going around. It can be really tough trying to find a good work/life balance especially since life is full of surprises.

      Here’s what their research found:


      ·       Three quarters of Irish parents admit to missing a minimum of 2 days + from work per year to stay at home and care for an unwell child

      ·       Nearly half of working parents are likely to stay at home if their child is unwell with a cold or flu with Irish mums (46%) taking more time off than Irish dads. However,  the majority (56%) of parents said they agree to take it in turns and surprisingly only 19% admitted to arguing over who should miss the day at work

      ·       Working mums are more than likely to call on a family member or friend for help with childcare (35% mums vs. 7% dads)

      The Workplace

      ·       Positively 78% of working parents claim that their boss is somewhat understanding and receptive to them taking time off work, as long as it’s not a regular occurrence.

      ·       However, 22% stated that this is frowned upon by their boss. Of these, 12% are expected to make alternative arrangements for their child, while 10% said their boss finds it difficult to find cover for their role in their absence.

      ·       When at home caring for a child that is unwell, shockingly 55% of working parents admitted that they worry their colleagues will perceive them as being unreliable or not serious about their jobs should they need to take time out of the workplace to care for a child suffering from a cold or flu.

      Treating colds & flu

      ·      Majority of Irish parents are clued in when it comes to recognizing cold & flu symptoms in their child such as a sniffle or blocked nose (84%), fever (78%), sore throat (53%) and earache (23%)

      ·      With antibiotics being no help against cold & flu viruses, it was a relief to hear that 88% of Irish parents felt confident in treating the symptoms of cold & flu at home with 3 out of 4 parents choosing ibuprofen to relieve their child’s symptoms

      Nurofen for Children Cold & Flu & Pain range provides quick and long lasting relief from Cold & Flu symptoms such as fever, earache, sore throats and body aches and pains.  Available in Orange and Strawberry flavours, both are sugar free and available from pharmacies nationwide.

      So what do you think?? Do you use Nurofen?? Is your boss understanding? How do you cope with colds and flu?

      National Baby Day 08

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