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      Alison and JamesWhen I was out for lunch recently there was a newborn baby at the next table, a tiny precious bundle. But wait my baby is a newborn? Was he really that small? Where is the time going? James is turning into a little bruiser! I wanted to remember his little hands and feet. The same ones I want to eat every time I change his nappy.

      I see changes in him daily. Babies grow so fast. If I get 2 wears out of a babygrow I’m doing well. These are special times, every little smile warms my heart and when he giggles it brings a tear to my eye (that could also be tiredness though!) I could wallpaper the house with photos but I wanted more; something special.

      I came across perfect hand and feet sculptures. They have mastered the art of producing 3D replicas of your child’s hands and feet in incredible detail. You really have to see it to believe it. We went to the studio and Paul took casts. Each one only took about two minutes which is great because James is a bit of a wriggler. I was concerned about the materials used but they are non-toxic moulding materials commonly used by health professionals. That’s good I thought as James’ hands are permanently in his mouth.

      The process then enables them to capture every little line and crease you can even see finger prints!! Paul emailed me pictures of the casts and I simply adored them. His little chubster feet and his little finger nails were absolutely perfect. You can have one hand and one foot, two hands and two feet or just a hand, you get the drift I’m sure. The finished piece has pride of place in the TV room for everyone to see.

      It’s so nice to have something to keep forever. I plan on keeping his first curl, his first tooth, although I did plan on filling in the most beautiful memories book throughout my pregnancy and when I gave birth and it’s still empty on the shelf but… it looks good!

      I feel like my world is in fast forward at the moment. Do all new parents feel this way? I want to press pause, take a breath and regroup. Maybe that’s why I’m so keen to create memories. The days, hours and minutes are all flying by- I want to stretch each precious second.

      Also, my Mum says when he’s answering you back, you’ll have something to remind you of a time when he couldn’t.

      Fun for the whole family

      Baby James feet Ooooh I simply loved Giddy Studios. If you have a new baby & would like to find something unique to do while hanging out with other mums & dads, a trip to Giddy Studios is actually a really good idea. Coffee, cookies & chats make it a nice little treat and one of the best things is that you can also create little memories of your little ones hands or feet while they are still small.

      I chose the 3D plaster prints in bronze and I engraved James’ name and how old he was when the prints were taken, which was 10 weeks. It was so much fun. Helena guided us step by step and James didn’t seem to mind one bit. We did one hand and one foot side by side. While all this was going on my nephew Thomas painted some pottery. With a little help he was given the freedom to create his own unique piece with his name and age on it. Myself and mum had coffee and overall it was very relaxing. I love arts and crafts and its so nice to find somewhere that’s different.

      james final printsWhile you can visit the studio during its regular opening hours from Tuesday to Sunday, the Giddy team also have a schedule mom or dad & baby session on a Wednesday morning – 11.30 to 12.30. You don’t have to sign up for a course of weeks, just simply come along when it suits your schedule. There’s no entry fee & you just pay for whatever activity you do: painted prints on frames, plates, mugs, flower jugs or plant pots, 3d plaster prints in bronze, silver or gold finish or if you fancy yourself as a bit of a an artist you can paint you own masterpiece!

      Giddy studios are based in Rathfarnham and the Dundrum town center. Go to for more information or call: 01-4240440

      Mum’s Must Haves

      Hand Knitted CushionsThese beautiful cushions are hand knitted in a cotton/cashmere blend and then hand embroidered with the child’s details. They are then wrapped in a lilac signature gift box with tissue and ribbon. The cost of the cushion is £39(€45) plus postage of £8.95 (€10.40) to Ireland.
      “All our hand knits are knitted in the UK by our own team of knitters which I still contact personally to send and receive knitting. I also still press and check every piece to ensure the highest quality.” The cushion and many other gift items can be ordered from our website or you can call: +44 1825 840487.

      Hands and FeetHere’s the finished product! Prices range from €165 -€220 and the memories last a lifetime.

      LIttle ABC FrameLittle ABC Frames are childrens names made up in handmade ACB blocks in primary or vintage pastel colours, mounted in a white wooden frame. You can also add an engraving with the meaning of the childs name, date of birth and weight, or a personalised message of your choice. Handmade in Ireland. Available from €43

      canvas productWhat a unique personalised gift to celebrate a birth. These handpainted kidzcanvas by Carmen Bernal are available in a variety of designs for both girls and boys. For more information call Carmen on 087 6862607 or email [email protected]. Prices range from €30-€50

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