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      Ssshhh It’s a secret! Daft isn’t it in this day and age. Suffering from the baby blues does not make you a bad Mum, wife, partner or anything else for that matter. It happens to nearly 60/70% of women and no one is 100% sure why it affects some women and not others.

      You cry for no reason. You feel anxious and tense and even the simplest tasks can seem difficult. You’re tired all the time and you simply can’t cope. Having a baby can be exciting, nerve wracking, life changing, breath taking, miraculous and the thought of giving birth can be just plain scary. You carry this baby for 9 months and finally he arrives and you’re crying!

      Having a baby can be exciting, nerve wracking, life changing, breath taking, miraculous and the thought of giving birth can be just plain scary.

      You’re on a rollercoaster and you have no idea when you’re going up or coming back down. The baby blues can happen to any woman at any time. They don’t choose their victims; however, there are some common themes. Personal issues, financial, relationship problems, work concerns, a bad birth experience or an inability to bond with your child are just a few.

      We put ourselves under enormous pressure these days. Your body and mind need time to recover after birth and you need to be kind to yourself. Your hormones need to settle and both you and your baby need to adjust to your new life together. Try not to be ‘Supermum’, the cleaning can wait but your baby needs you. Let your friends and family help in any way they can. Simple things like supermarket trips, washing, cooking or even taking the baby for a walk so Mum can have a nap make all the difference.

      Having suffered from bouts of depression in the past I knew what signs to watch out for. I was constantly on guard but that didn’t stop the tears flowing. James means the world to me and I love him with every bone in my body. Because of this I felt guilty. I’m a single mum and needed help. With some rest and support and a lot of cuddles from friends and family I’m back on my feet. You need to be honest with yourself and the people around you. It’s important to remember to eat well, get some exercise and get some rest! The days you don’t feel like taking a shower, take that shower, believe me it works. Push yourself a little further than you want to go each day and you’re on the road to recovery. Don’t feel like you’re going mad, you’re not alone.

      As everyone’s an individual if the cloud is not lifting you need to ask for help.

      Cuidiu(The Irish childbirth Trust) offers great support across the board.
      WEB: EMAIL:

      GENERAL PARENTING WEBSITES, that offer discussion and advice on all different aspects on parenting:,,,,, and


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