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      “The majority of my patients don’t need a pill, they need a lifestyle prescription.”

      Dr Rangan Chatterjee

      Bold words from one of the UK’s most high profile GPs, but something Dr Rangan Chatterjee believes wholeheartedly. Having worked as a doctor for 16 years and witnessing first hand the limitations of the UK’s current healthcare system he is now passionate about changing the way we treat disease in the West, and moving us towards a more ‘lifestyle first’ approach, something he terms ‘progressive medicine’. He believes it is the only way for us to ‘take back control of our own health’.

      You may well have seen Dr Chatterjee on BBC1’s ‘Dr in the House’ over the past few weeks, a documentary where in each episode a family invites the GP into their home to investigate every aspect of their lives and help them improve their health and wellbeing.

      This is the 2nd series of this popular programme and the results have been impressive so far. Dr Chatterjee’s philosophy and approach are simple and based on what he calls ‘the 4 Pillars of Good Health’ – eat well, sleep well, move well and relax well. It’s back to basics stuff, but lifestyle elements that are all too easily forgotten between work, family commitments, day-to-day worries and our increasingly busy lifestyles.

      Now, you may not be able to get Dr Chatterjee into your own home to give your lifestyle an overall but you could hear about the 4 Pillars of Good Health from the man himself in Dublin on June 16th.

      DR RANGAN CHATTERJEE, INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES, doctor in the house, dublin talk,

      The Institute of Health Sciences are hosting ‘An Evening with Dr Rangan Chatterjee’ at the Gibson Hotel between 6pm-10pm. As well as an inspirational talk from the man himself, the event will be showcasing some of the UK and Ireland’s best natural food and beauty products and there will be the opportunity to book in for a mini-wellness consultation with a complementary therapist.

      Tickets can be purchased from Dr Chatterjee will also be a keynote speaker at the Irish Integrative Healthcare Conference on Saturday June 17th which is exploring the role of nutrition and lifestyle in the management of dementia. More information at



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