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      As appears fortnightly in VIP Magazine.

      I’ve been run down and ill lately but will I listen to my Mother and rest Oh no! Yes its stupid, but to be honest it’s how I’ve always operated. Tell me to do something and I’ll do the exact opposite. I have bold child syndrome kind of like what James is developing and it got me thinking that maybe it’s just in the genes. A fierce independent streak coupled with selective hearing. If I offer James food his hearing seems to work perfectly but if I tell him not to turn the TV off when he has his finger on the button he takes great delight in doing it anyway but always makes sure that I’m looking and I can almost feel his delight. Why can I feel it because that was me! Close the fridge Alison, I’d open it. Be home at 9, I’d come in at 10. In fairness there was such a definite pattern you would think my parents would have copped on and said come home at 9 when they wanted me in at 7.

      Creche and James are still making friends but I do feel definite progress is being made. The down side is he’s like Velcro when he gets home which makes going to the toilet and pretty much anything else quite difficult. Privacy is something you lose automatically when you give birth. Little people make little things like, showers and dressing very difficult. James also has an obsession with the toilet and everything goes into it. I am on my 4th toothbrush this month alone.  James completely refuses to brush his teeth now but insists on bringing his toothbrush everywhere. He sleeps on his tummy with his bum in the air, toothbrush in his hand tucked tightly underneath. I have tried to prise it out of his hand but he has it grasped so tightly if I take it he wakes up! Most kids have blankies or soothers but not James. I wish sleeping with my toothbrush would bring me as much comfort. I’ve been a little stressed of late but that beautiful face and unconditional love I feel every morning always reminds me of what’s important and sometimes we all need to be reminded…

      I LOVE:

      These Green Sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipes. Ingenious, pop them in your handbag and just add water when you’re changing the baby.    10pk (the plastic tube) €3.99,  30pk (refill) €5.99


      Bathtime in general and the shape sorting bathtime bug is a great toy and educational! 2in 1! €20.25   from the ELC


      Hi Alison,
      My sister is having a baby, actually babies, twins in a couple of months and I’m looking for a really nice gift. Have you come across any nice changing bags that are a bit different?
      Abigail, Dublin

      Hi Abigail,
      What an exciting time. Send your sister my love and best wishes. I have the perfect bag for you and I actually got one of these as a gift myself. It’s from Pink Lining and they have just introduced a twin bag which has space for 4 bottles to this collection due to demand. There must be a lot of twins out there. Double the trouble! They’re colourful and fun and their SS12 collection is available now. Perfect for any new Yummy Mummy. Prices start at €90


      Are you sick of being charged extra for excess baggage on airlines especially if you have a baby? You need the new JakToGo wearable luggage travel solution accessory. Created out of utter frustration by Irish engineer John Power . This ‘wearable luggage’ converts seamlessly and conveniently from a compact bag to a wearable garment that you can load up and wear as you board the plane and then fold up and put in the overhead locker. It’s kitted out with 14 huge pockets, sufficient to hold 10-15kg of clothes, toys, portable DVD player, babywipes, books and games etc. So, why not get clever, wear your luggage and don’t get angry get even. €59.95


      Try to make a trip out side everyday. As well as being fun it’ll boost your little one’s physical development, creativity and confidence.

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