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      Hi everyone, well what a fantastic couple of weeks it has been. Last week I was in London meeting with Netflix and it was a truly inspirational trip. Did you ever have a series of events happen to you that seemed to good to be true and all connected at the same time?? Well last week that was me. Everything happened in sync and all my experiences, jobs, conversations and work had the same theme and ended up being connected!

      Netflix trip with Erica Gunn and Billie Browne

      The moral of the story was that with self-belief and confidence you can do everything and anything. I spoke about this on Ryan Tubridy’s radio show last week along with Katie Van Buren who is a breath of fresh air. Now if  only we were all lucky enough to be around people like Katie every day there would be no negativity!

      Katie Van Buren

      I was delighted to be asked to MC Marisa Mackle’s book launch in Dubray bookstore on Grafton Street. Her new book is called ‘Along came a stork’ Another great read from a young lady who has now been 10 years a published author and is on her 17th book. Phew… I’m tired just thinking about it! I love Marisa’s writing its honest, funny and above all leaves you wanting more. You should check out her weekly column in the Evening Herald if you haven’t already. below are some pics from the evening..

      Marisa and her son Gary
      Billie browne, myself and Marisa
      Having fun MCing

      Last but not least were the VIP awards in between writing columns and finishing college work and oh Yeah suggling the love of my life, my son James. Honestly I love him so much I could burst at times.

      Well done to everyone at VIP and I mean everyone!! Michel O’Doherty the publisher and Elaine Prendeville the editor along with all their team they really pulled out all the stops. So much work goes into making a night like that happen and honestly this year they out did themselves. It was televised by Expose for an Expose special that was aired on Monday and hosted for the 1st time by Karen Koster and Keith Duffy. I had so much fun as it’s rare I get a good night out. My dress was by the amazing Louise Kennedy and my jewellery was from mimi’s beauty rooms I can’t wait for next year already!! Below are a couple of my favourites on the night. Congrats to all the winners especially Aoibhinn Garrihy. An incredibly nice girl and I simply can’t wait to see her star shine brighter that ever as she deserves it!

      Bye for now Ali x

      Celia holman lee
      Celia Holman lee
      Sarah Morrissey
      Darren Kennedy
      Aoibhinn Garrihy

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