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      Ha, James now loves his crèche ‘The Toddler Inn’ more than staying at home! Yesterday morning he was barely dressed standing at the front door with the car keys in his hand. We drove up and I parked outside but realised that Aisling usually parks at the gate so I reversed to move over slightly and leave room. James went ballistic as he thought I was taking him home. God forbid if he had to spend the day with Mummy! I sat in the car and thought to myself ‘I think I preferred it when he was clinging on to me for dear life and bawling crying’. Yes, I’m selfish and I know I’m the parent and not the kid but that doesn’t mean I’m all grown up myself with a balanced attitude and approach to everything I do. In fact it would be quite the opposite. However I am a great actress and here’s the proof:

      A friend of mine told me (after I stupidly admitted I needed James to need me at all times and shower me with on demand kisses and cuddles, well, FOREVER) that children are merely being lent to us until we rear them and then we have to set them free to do their own thing and find their place in the world. I nodded in agreement and said ‘absolutely’. I then spouted off some nonsense about giving him an unbiased upbringing from every angle/opinion etc. Yeah right I thought I’m the most opinionated person alive and James will most likely be a mini me. Now this would be absolutely fine except for the odd issue I have. By odd I mean it would be odd if I didn’t have one every day.

      However, there is no perfect way to parent. Every single one of us can only do our best. On a more serious note it’s fantastic to know that he’s happy and safe every day at crèche. I can work without worrying and have peace of mind. We all want to be happy but most of the time we don’t know how. A little advice from an opinionated Mum- seeing them smile makes you smile and if that’s the happiest you feel all day you’re luckier than most people in this world. Sometimes we already have what we’re looking for we just don’t realise it!!

      I LOVE:

      The new Puma Faas 800 for a responsive, natural and breathable run! Get outside its spring time… Available from Elverys €100


      Just loves jigsaw puzzles. He has every one from the ELC. These 6 classic movement puzzles are €13.50


      Hi Alison,
      I’m so worried about my baby picking up infections especially when out and about. Have you any tips or products than can help a neurotic Mum?

      Ruby, Meath

      Hi Ruby,
      Exposure to a certain amount of germs is necessary to build up immunity but I would say always carry disinfectant wipes for high chairs in restaurants. I always find the supermarket trolleys the worst but an Irish mum, Riona, has just invented the Trolleychum. She disliked putting her little boy in the cold, wet and often dirty seats that harbour a lot of bacteria. The trolleychum has loops for playthings, holds a bottle, your phone and car keys. As a mum your supermarket shopping is a big part of your routine and I always hated putting James in the trolley especially during the winter. He loves it now. It’s like a 5 star trip to the shops. No more germ infested hard metal for teething babies to chew on and it also doubles as a highchair cover. Visit €25 plus P+P


      Are you a new mum who wants to get back in shape but doesn’t want to leave your baby at home well babybodyfit is for you! I still actually do classes even though I’m the only one without a baby now. Stephanie, a Mum herself understands only too well how new mum’s feel. The classes are fun and they also give you an opportunity to meet other Mums. The classes have a mix of interval and circuit training, brisk walking and light jogging, and body toning exercises to give you a fun, full body workout. There are also prenatal classes which combine light cardio work with yoga and Pilates based exercises.


      Toss out the junk food and make snack time fun by making kebabs out of fruit and cheese and cutting them into fun shapes like stars and hearts! Put berries in between. They’re fun, healthy and taste and look great!

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