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      James was sick and then I became ill with the worst virus imaginable. It got me thinking yet again about our health and wellbeing. We can’t do much about a bug except let it run its course but in general we can do a lot about our day to day habits. This column is for the Mummies. After all if we’re not feeling good a domino type effect is unleashed throughout the whole family.
      During pregnancy we focus on our health and wellbeing like never before but then when the baby comes we tend to neglect ourselves completely. I could write the book on tried and tested. From any and every exercise or new super food, I’m your woman! Lately though I’ve managed to find a few things that get results and make me feel good. Finding time for everything is always a problem. Being self-employed and a single mum it really is a daily balancing act. The early mornings coupled with staying up late working always has me reaching for the coffee but recently I was introduced to matcha green tea. It has the same effect as coffee but it’s also an antioxidant superfood that calms the nervous system, aids focus, stabilises the blood sugar and can even help weight loss. This tea comes in powder form and I even find the process of making it quite therapeutic. I add it to yogurts, make milk shakes out of it and it can even be used as a facemask so the benefits are endless.
      Walking and fresh air for you and your kids has enormous benefits as well because the great outdoors helps to kill off bacteria and if our recent weather continues well there’s no excuse so get outside! I’ve been doing reformer pilates which is using a machine as opposed to the mat and the results have been fantastic. It lengthens and tones but also incorporates breathing so it’s good for the mind, body and soul. We need to start thinking of our health as a package therefore just eating well or just exercising is not enough. A little of everything is far better than a lot of one thing. You need to take care of yourself from the inside out.

      I LOVE:

      Koyu organic Japanese matcha green tea, €17.95-€27.95 depending on strength. Visit


      These MorEPA high quality omega 3 fish oils, which are essential for kids as they play a crucial role in brain function, growth and development. €19.95


      Hi Alison,
      I’ve heard you talking about Reformer Pilates recently. My time is limited but like every Mum I want to get back in shape. I have a bad back and had a section. Is it safe for me?
      Martina, Dublin

      Hi Martina,
      There are huge benefits to doing Pilates post natal, we all want to be yummy mummy’s but our body/posture may have changed so much during the pregnancy, where do we start?

      Pilates (especially Pilates done on the Reformer) helps mums restore tall posture, improve muscle tone and start working muscles again that we may have switched off during pregnancy e.g. gluts

      Sarah MacLachlann from Pilates Performance Ireland recommends doing 2 to 3 reformer classes a week which I do. If you had a C Section or have Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal wall) the Pilates reformer is a safe and effective place to start exercising again. I’ve tried everything and I really feel the reformer works. I have had amazing results in inch loss too. (01) 4957797


      Aromatherapy massage has great benefits for both you and your child. Patricia Sheridan an aromatherapy practioner from lavenderlane has been working with me lately on an array of problems and I have found it very helpful. It can help with PND/depression, sinus congestion, menstruation and much more. Children who are touched and held grow to be really confident adults also. The word “aroma” means smell and “therapy” means a treatment designed to cure.

      Massage is used in Aromatherapy to assist the passage of essential oils into body. Aromatherapy can also be used during pregnancy for morning sickness, emotional imbalance, Variosce Veins, Haemorrhoids, Stretch marks, Backache and Constipation. Essentials oils can be used in the labour ward to help relax the mother and also inhaled during contractions. Visit


      Try to meditate for 10 mins every day. Meditation can bring many spiritual and mental benefits. It brings peace of mind and real abiding happiness. It can also help reduce stress, relief from anxiety, tranquillity and help you to achieve your goals.

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