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      Heres a list of all the toys that were on irl amIreland AM this morning with prices and websites where you can buy them.


      Click here to see this mornings link:

      Slow toys are toys that let children develop in their own time. They are toys that don’t use batteries, are not solely made from plastic, will stand the test of time and help children think by encouraging creativity, imagination and communication.

      This competition is open to anyone and a lot of these entries are europe wide. I’d love to see some Irish shops and crafts people get involved next year!!

      Any questions just email me [email protected] (prices may be subject to change depending on exchange rate)


      Ali xxxxx


      BoiKido Push and Play Rabbit WagonBoiKido Push and Play Rabbit Wagon

      The colourful BoiKido Push and Play Rabbit Wagon is perfect for collecting and pushing toys around the house which encourages our little one to walk on his or her own. The wagon is hand made from wood of superior quality, making it a reliable and long lasting toy.

       Why is it a slow toy?

      The BoiKido Push and Play Wagon helps inspire your little one to walk independently, giving them the opportunity to adventure on their own, collecting and pushing around their toys. The product does not require batteries, just a small amount of assembly from mum or dad. The wagon is hand made purely from wood of superior quality, making it a reliable and long lasting toy that can be passed down

      through generations. BoiKido toys are soft to touch with a high quality finish, all paints used are also non-toxic and 100% safe for your child to play with.  €63.88


      LE TOY VAN DOCTORTV292 Doctor’s Set from LE TOY VAN

      A vintage style, child sized, fabric Doctor’s Bag filled with wooden medical instruments and bottles. 3+. The set includes a toy stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, blood pressure gauge, ear scope, reflex hammer, scissors and two medicine bottles. Designed in the UK & ethically made in Indonesia.

       Why is it a slow toy?

      This is an ideal toy for both boys and girls to inspire creative play through imagining themselves in the role of a doctor. Allowing children to look back and use their experience of visits to the doctor to recall instruments used and activities they were engaged in and to use that to inspire their own play.

      All of the toy wooden instruments fit into the stylish tactile fabric doctor’s bag to make this a truly portable toy. The instruments themselves encourage open ended play: from the Velcro secured ‘blood pressure’ arm band to the sliding temperature gauge knob on the thermometer. €45.35–3317/?source=froog

      CARRY CASE PUPPET THEATRECarry Case Finger Puppet Theatre

      This is the most beautiful wooden theatre that’s ready to go where you go! Open up the wooden Carry-Case Theatre and quickly slot the parts together to make a finger puppet theatre, making a wonderful alternative to the usual screen-based entertainment.

       Why is it a slow toy?

      This Theatre is also its own carry-case as it folds into itself for neat storage and transporting to the next show. From a parent’s or teacher’s perspective finger puppets are fabulous for a child’s development. Puppets encourage children to be creative, imaginative and communicative in ways very few other toys could achieve. With the Carry-case Theatre children will want to put on a show which will help them improve their speech and language skills and boost their confidence no end. It features satin top curtains and gold-trimmed velour side curtains that can be pulled open for dramatic effect. There is even a mini-chalkboard to ‘announce’ show times or the title of the latest ‘blockbuster.€37.05

      Available from The Art and Hobby Shops in Ireland


       Sorgenfresser_Gruppe (2)Flint – Sorgenfresser Worry Eater (MY FAVOURITE!!!)

      High quality plush designed as a playtime companion and confidante. Children write or draw what’s worrying them and put them in the Worry Eater’s mouth. On finding worries parents and carers are encouraged to talk them through with their children or leave a comforting note.

       Why is it a Slow Toy?

      Will Flint join you on your secret mission to the moon? Will he behave appallingly at your tea party? Or maybe he’ll join you on your raft, stranded miles from anywhere (in the middle of the living room floor).

      Flint can do all these and more, because alongside his role as playtime companion, he’s a confidante for when times are not so much fun. When you’ve a worry that makes a knot in your tummy, or when nightmares disturb your sleep. Draw or write your worries and fears, feed them to Flint and he will zip and gobble them up!

      You’ll find them on Amazon & €30

      dominoesTobar Wooden Domino Race

      The sturdily-boxed pack contains everything illustrated to produce layouts of almost infinite variety. As well as the 200 tiles there are wooden slabs and blocks for building stairways and bridges.

       Why is it a Slow Toy?

      This is a classic wooden toy, which gives children over 200 different coloured tiles to use to create different layouts and designs. It also allows for more sophisticated design and buildings using stairways and bridges to create intricate designs. Once the dominoes are placed near to each other they can be knocked down.€33.23



      TEGU 24 MAGNETICTegu 24-Piece Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints

      Tegu’s 24-Piece Set of magnetic wooden building blocks contains 24 beautifully “tinted” blocks in six different shapes. The blocks are made of high quality and sustainably sourced Central American hardwoods in a patent-pending manufacturing process. Tegu’s gravity-defying blocks create boundless opportunities for open-ended play.

       Why is it a Slow Toy?

      Tegu’s magnetic wooden blocks combine the twin joys of traditional wooden building blocks and the gravity-defying ‘magic’ of magnetism. They are many toys in one; a race car, a lion, a family, a fortress, a space station, an ice cream stand, anything a child’s imagination can dream up! Our modular system of play ensures that all pieces and sets are compatible. People are often surprised when two wooden blocks satisfyingly ‘click’ and ‘clack’ together. Tegu toys are designed to grow with children and provide an authentic open-ended play experience that is both fun and educational. €70.32


      MENTAL BLOX CRITICAL THINKING Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game (another favourite!!)

      This is by far one of my favourites it is a critical thinking challenge game for the whole family. Activity cards show different constructions and you have to re-create structures from memory or via clues provided by other players.

      It develops strategic thinking as players consider shapes and attributes. Includes 20 activity cards and 20 chunky, plastic pieces (featuring four different shapes and three different attributes.

       Why is it a Slow Toy?

      Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game is designed to encourage critical thinking and inspire the mind. It’s brain-boosting, block building game that really makes you think. Players take turns to view one of 20 different activity cards. They then attempt from memory, or prompts from other players, to recreate the shape and attributes shown on the card.

      Use it as a look & build stacking game, a listen and build game, or to teach a child about pattern sequencing, as well educating children on geometric shapes and the correct names. Suitable for ages 5+. (however James is only just turned 4 and loves it!! he follows the patterns and has hours of fun!!) €32



      This is one of my favourites for travelling with your kids or keeping them entertained in restaurants!

      There are 12 sets to choose from: Carddies London, Sports, School, Fairies, Cavemen, Football, Ballet,Knights, Family One and Two, Farm and Nativity.

      Why is it a Slow Craft Toy?

      Child really uses his/her imagination/creativity and personalises the toy. NO batteries (powered only by children’s imaginations!) Self-contained, portable/durable, premiumecological card usedChildren absorbed and entertained for hours (colouring in/play). Played with alone or shared. Appeal to boys and girls aged 3 to 10 (wide age range). Designed, made, and assembled using eco-friendly materials of the highest quality.€11.50


      WONDERWORLD RAINBOW SOUNDWonderworld Rainbow Sound BlocksDescription

      Wonderworld’s Rainbow Sound Blocks is a fantastic, sustainable toy which stimulates children’s imaginations. Comprising of 6 blocks with different colours sounds and shapes, the blocks create a sensory play experience. Wonderworld is committed to longevity and the environment; the blocks are made from rubber wood and packaging is 70% recycled.

      Why is it a Slow Toy?

      As children differentiate between the colours and sounds of Rainbow Sound Blocks, they are introduced to the creative process – all whilst having fun! Playing withRainbow Sound Blocks is a great way for children to organically develop their creative side. As well as having incredible play value; Rainbow Sound Blocks has a flawless and attractive design that will engage children’s attention. Carved from high quality wood, the sleek design and smooth finish makes the toy contemporary but also timeless. All of this makes Rainbow Sound Blocks an all-time favourite for children and parents!  €19$j


      BIGJIGS SHOP TILL WITH SCANNERBigjigs Toys Shop Till with Scanner

      A brightly coloured wooden Shop Till with Scanner, supplied with pretend wooden and paper money, credit card, receipt roll and barcode scanner.

      Why is it a Slow Toy?

      This sturdy wooden shop till, pretend money, credit card, receipt roll and barcode scanner are sure to appeal to children who enjoy a creative role play session, playing on their own as shop keeper or serving their customer friends in group play. There’s even a drawer to keep the takings safe and help the young shop keep practise their basic numeracy skills. €38




      CALAFANTCALAFANT – Cardboard Land of Fantasies 

      CALAFANT articles are made of high quality cardboard. They are easy to assemble without glue and any tools. They can be painted and decorated with all kinds of

      paint and decoration material. There are abt. 50 models in different sizes.

      The cardboard material is 100% recyclable

      Why is it a Slow Toy?

      CALAFANT articles encourage children’s creativity and motoric skills. Children can create their own imaginative play worlds.

      Due to the pre-punched parts and special Easy-lock system they are easy to assemble.

      Children can paint and decorate the toys according to their own imagination with various kinds of paint and decoration materials, including natural materials.

      Children can play with a toy created by them and can express their feelings and experiences. The high quality cardboard enables long lasting play duration. €20

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