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      I often hear of people who can’t get their kids out of their bed. James is the opposite he doesn’t sleep with me at all. I have to say that this is a huge disappointment to me and if you read this column on a regular basis you’ll know that it’s because I am the one with separation anxiety (and I’m a little clingy at times)! However during story time last week we were both shattered and he fell asleep beside me. It was one of the best moments of my life as he was holding my hand and giving me a cuddle. I fell asleep beside him and all was peaceful until he started moving. There were slaps, kicks, and full somersaults at times and it was straight back into the cot. Bruised and battered I’m now happy to sleep alone. Having given birth to a wriggly worm though the cot was becoming a dangerzone, James kept getting his arms and legs stuck. He would wake crying and would also bang his poor little head.

      I searched everywhere for a solution and I’m delighted to say I have finally found one. What’s more important is that this product is safe. It’s called the cot wrap and was invented by a mum in Aberdeen called Louise Guinda. She discovered her newborn baby blue in the face and struggling for breath while pressed against the traditional bumper. She was determined that no other parent should experience this and so the cot wrap was born! It keeps arms, legs and dummies in the cot and also protects James’ little head from bumps. There are no dangerous ties or strings and it’s a safe breathable fabric. The product has won numerous awards and it gets my vote. James doesn’t wake at all now with his legs and arms stuck. He still moves up and down and side to side but the only difference is now I don’t worry. Mr. Bear and Miss Ellie don’t fall out either ensuring they’re always nearby for a cuddle making James feel safe and warm.

      I LOVE:

      The  safe dreams Cot Wrap visit for more info on stockists €34.95


      His organics for kids green frog cotton pyjamas from  €31.50


      Hi Alison, You seem to be very busy and you bring James everywhere with you. My son always cries in the car and seems to hate his car seat and travelling. Do you have any tips? Thanks,

      Mary,  Kinnegad

      Hi Mary,

      It’s very common for them to hate the car seat. James is not a fan of long journeys so we have to take a break. As they get older it gets easier as you can play games like spot the truck, bus, car etc James loves music and I recently bought a CD called My silver Balloon. He adores it and to be honest so do I. It’s a personalised music CD that has your child’s name sung throughout the lyrics. My favourite is rumble in the jungle with ‘tiggy the tiger’ and ‘heavy the hippo’. Anytime he starts to cry (or have a tantrum) I switch it on and it works a treat. They love hearing their name and listening to all the adventures.  €18


      I had the pleasure of interviewing Jo Wyckmans recently author of ‘Healthy on the inside beautiful on the outside’ . Jo was a top designer in the fashion industry when he became interested in natural medicine on a trip to Asia about 25 years ago. He is a true inspiration and this book is a must read for anyone who has an interest in how food affects us, our body, our temperament and much more. From blood pressure to the menopause to cancer prevention and keeping our cardiovascular system healthy. This bible gives a great insight to how our emotions, lifestyle and diet directly affect each other. €16.95


      Ever been in the shopping center when your child throws a tantrum and arches their back refusing to get in their buggy or car seat? Well simply tickle them!! It makes them all floppy and works a treat.

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