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    YonKa Youth – In this video we look at the importance of teenage skincare. Starting a good skincare routine that is not harsh and doesn’t strip the skin during the teenage years is really important and here’s why… Heres a few key points about teenage skincare:

    Yonka products are able to tackle hormonal, unbalanced skin typically associated with teen skin

    • However not all teens have problematic skin and need just as much TLC and attention…
    • Our goal in this video is to show how our skin is actually an organ. It may not be a vital organ but it separates us from the outside world and deserves respect in its own right.
    • Our aim is to have pre teens Cleanse, lotion, and apply SPF. This will guarantee they remove the oil, debris, pollution from their skin, and create a life long habit of skin health programme.
    • SPF is essential all year round as skin cancer is on the rise. From a health aspect as opposed to vanity we need to make our children aware that protection is key ( Vitamin D will still be synthesized)
    • Ask : “While you were applying your makeup this morning/ creams lotions and potions did you think of it as an organ…..? “NO! So lets start treating it with R-E-S-P-E-C-T that’s it deserves.
    • Do you brush your kids teeth from the minute the tooth appears? Do they have showers and baths? If so, why not wash the skin with non stripping products – the face is constantly exposed and needs attention too?
    • If it is compromised we need to repair it from within, seal it on top as if it were a lid, to preserve the nutrients and shield it from the inevitable daily elements.
    • Yonka Paris skincare is often depicted and thought of as a mature range which is an unfortunate misconception. It actually has a range for all skin types, ethnicities age, sex! Nobody is left behind

    Products recommended for teens: Juvenil, crème pg, pamplemousse, acne kit, lotion, cleansers , spf


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