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      Today I’m chatting to Jennifer Rock from Yonka Skincare about their philosophy and how as a brand they are very much results driven


      Jennifer’s key points about Yonka:

      • It can take as little as 26 seconds for a product applied to the top layer of the skin to be absorbed into our body so we need to truly think about what ingredients we have in our bathroom cabinet that are then being applied to our skin
      • YonKa philosophy is not to create short term addictions but to cause measurable changes within the skin in the safest possible manner
      • We are based on the ‘quintessence’ which is a powerful signature blend of essential oils.
      • The essential oils powers are undeniable; regenerating, rejuvenating, healing, hydrating nourishing antibacterial to name but of a few of its core benefits
      • The majority of our ranges have these ingredients within, each offer various levels dependant on the skin type/ concern in question
      • We also channel vitamins, essential fatty acids, marine extracts, phyto ingredients in.
      • We believe in truly researching ingredient, securing the finest quality ( thus the price point) and not compromising their benefit at any stage of manufacturing
      • YonKa is a natural yet results driven range. Dubbed ‘ when biochemistry meets beauty, or ‘ naturally results driven’
      • We were created by biochemists, used in hospitals for burns and are truly regenerative yet work to respect the skin
      • For more information on Yonka visit Renaissance Skincare

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