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      At all stages of their lives, women face specific health challenges to maintaining hormonal balance. More than ever women are now juggling a lot of roles in life which can lead to elevated stress & cortisol levels which in turn can lead to an increase in anxiety, digestive problems, weight changes, and exhaustion. Hormonal balance is vital to reproductive health but also important for maintaining both physical and emotional wellbeing. Many factors influence a woman’s hormonal balance such as diet, hydration levels and stress. Nutrition plays an important role in women’s health as excess sugar can disrupt hormone balance along with an over consumption of high oestrogen & processed foods. Eating a nutritious diet and reducing stress levels are great ways to promote balance in the body. Using essential oils can also help with hormonal balance and in doing so help avoid conditions such as PMS, cramps, bloating and irregular cycles. The following essential oils are my top choices for supporting hormonal balance for women.

      Clary Sage

      Clary Sage helps with emotional stress and its antispasmodic properties make it a great choice for applying topically to the abdomen to ease cramps and symptoms of PMS. One of the main benefits of Clary Sage is that it helps promote ideal oestrogen production which makes it a great choice for people with PCOS, Endometriosis and during the menopause. There are many studies proving how Clary Sage oil benefits hormonal balance and simply inhaling it can also help reduce cortisol levels in the body. Clary Sage however, should not be used during pregnancy.


      Rose oil helps support hormonal health and provides a natural mood boost. Often used as an aphrodisiac, applying it topically can help with low libido. It can also assist in regulating ovulation and helps to support emotional balance.


      Thyme essential oil helps to balance progesterone levels in the body and promotes production of the hormone. Progesterone is essential for regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle and optimum progesterone levels are needed for fertility and pregnancy. Low levels of progesterone may cause pms, hair loss, depression, painful periods and infertility. Using Thyme essential oil is a great way to improve progesterone levels and to balance hormones naturally.


      Geranium essential oil is often chosen for its stabilising and regenerative properties. It is a great choice for anyone suffering from PMS and imbalance as it can help to balance hormones and applying it topically can help to ease symptoms such as breast tenderness. Used aromatically and topically it helps promote emotional balance and is good choice to use post labour or after miscarriage.

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      ‘PMS Rescue’

      3 drops Clary Sage

      10 drops Geranium

      3 drops Ylang Ylang

      40 drops carrier oil

      Apply on the wrists & inhale for calming effect/emotional support.
      Apply on abdomen daily for hormonal balance.

      Essential oils can be used aromatically to affect mood and open airways; topically for quick absorption into the body through the skin, and internally for immune & digestive support. It is important to select therapeutic grade oils free from synthetics.

      Essential oils are a great way to improve your health easily and quickly. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more about using essential oils or where to purchase 100% pure oils.…

      -Caroline Jackman, Honest about Health

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