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      My daughter is doing her Leaving Cert and feeling really stressed. To be honest I am too. Can you help?


      Oh, I REMEMBER my exams like it was yesterday — snapping the head off everyone and cramming three years’ work into one night. People also forget how stressed and helpless parents can feel too.


      Remember, though, that a little stress can be a good thing. It has the power to motivate and stimulate us, pushing us to do better, triggering our adrenaline and keeping us focused. Without stress, life would simply be dull and boring. Not knowing how to manage stress, though, particularly during exam time, is what can cause sleepless nights, panic attacks and feelings of anxiety.


      Some of the most common factors contributing to stress in the build-up to exams are the long hours of study, the tensions between you and your kids, revision classes, all-nighters, lost notes, deleted documents and early morning starts.


      Whenever I’m doing talks or studying, which I have been at night for many years, I use Bach Rescue Remedy. It might not give you all the answers but it may help both you and your daughter to relax, focus and feel reassured in the build-up to exams.


      I also meditate, exercise, try to eat well and avoid too much sugar. If your daughter is up all night hitting the books, the lack of sleep will really affect her concentration and there will come a point in the evening when her brain won’t soak up any more information.


      I often find it tough to sleep when I have a lot on my mind but getting enough sleep — the recommended amount is eight hours — in the run-up to the exams is really important. The Bach Rescue Remedy Night range with white chestnut is a great sleep aid. It helps the mind to switch off from unwanted thoughts, so your daughter can enjoy a restful night’s sleep and have more energy and a clearer head in the morning.

      Encourage her to go to bed earlier as she will achieve more the next day with a clear and rested head.

      Ask your daughter if she’d like to try a 10-minute guided meditation every day which will really help her to stay calm and focused. You can download samples from websites such as


      THE Bach Rescue Remedy range includes Rescue Night Drops 10ml, RRP €7.95, Rescue Liquid Melts, RRP €9.95 and Rescue Night Spray 10ml, RRP €10.95

       TOP TIPS

      1. EXERCISE releases endorphins which make us feel happy, making it easier to concentrate and study.

       2EAT a balanced diet full of green vegetables, nuts and fruits little and often during the day to keep energy levels up. You should take Omega 3 fish oils, drink plenty of water and avoid stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks.

       3.GET plenty of sleep

       4. REMEMBER there is life after exams. Things might seem intense right now, but they won’t last forever.

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