The focus of this very special event is complete holistic self-care focusing on health, food and wellness from the inside out and the outside in

Kildare Village

I will help you to join the dots with your health and well-being through a series of interactive workshop segments, looking at mind, body and spirit, environment and relationships. Join me in Kildare Village on Sunday, 4th March.

You will be shown how to achieve feeling and looking better, by making small changes that will result in big differences to your overall lifestyle, health and daily wellbeing. There will be talks on meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, healthy eating tips, stress reduction techniques and much more.

I will be joined by food writer Domini Kemp – of Joe’s Coffee at Kildare Village – and you will be taken through their ethos on food, healthy eating and receive a juicing demonstration.

Tickets are priced at €50 and are fully redeemable via a Kildare Village gift card, which you will receive on arrival. All guests will receive a goodie bag a booklet of exclusive offers only available on the day.

The event will take place at the Guest Lounge in Kildare Village (opposite Starbucks) at 11am. A delicious healthy lunch comprising a selection of salads, juices and platters will be served and the event will end at 2:30pm – allowing you lots of time to shop Kildare Village following the event.

“Keeping your skincare routine simple is key”, says Virginie Claire of V.Claire Natural

Alison Canavan is constantly on the go, as are most women juggling it all while trying to
find time to take care of themselves. I have been looking after Alison’s skin care for the
past two years and simplicity is all there is time for! While putting The Full 360 Series
together, promoting, studying and travelling her skin had become tired and dull. Knowing
she will not have the time or patience for using numerous products I recommend two.
PHYT’S Concentré Reviderm for day and PHYT’S Serum Antirides at night.

Sallow skin can lose its lustre quite easily. PHYT’S Reviderm oxygenating line specialises in
bringing radiance to a dull, tired skin. Its content of Chlorophyll from Alfalfa, Avocado,
Kombu Algae and Acerola (high in Vitamin C), energises, revitalises and brightens the
complexion. Chlorophyll carries oxygen to the cells and encourages microcirculation,
where it provides powerful anti-oxidant effects.


        PHYT’S Concentré Reviderm is available from the PHYT’S Online Store


Serum Antirides is a highly nutritional phyto-complex, rich in nourishing vegetable oils
(Wheatgerm, Castor Oil) and regenerating essential oils and herbal extracts (Rosemary,
Thyme, Cypress) shows its full strength on wrinkles and slack. It reduces the number,
surface area and length of wrinkles for smooth and visibly younger skin. It is important to
massage in well with fingertips to stimulate connective tissue and circulation.


                   PHYT’S SÉRUM ANTIRIDES is available from the PHYT’S Online Store

The key to having good skin being consistent and committed to a good skincare routine.

The ethos behind V Claire is simple, La Vie Claire – The Clear Life. Virginie Claire’s dream of providing completely natural cosmetics began 10 years ago when she discovered PHYT’S organic skincare in France and brought it to her own salon in Harold’s Cross. Follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram.

Oily skin isn’t always a bad thing. It can give you occasional breakouts, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t do anything good for your skin.

Having oily skin can slow down the rate of skin aging. One good reason is the protection the oils provide for your skin.

They form a barrier to combat pollutants, UV rays and other environmental stressors. Apart from that, having oils on your skin can also mean constant moisture.

You’ll look glowing, too.

These benefits, however, are only possible if your skin is well taken cared of. Oily skin can cause mayhem without the right products or proper skin care routine.

When there’s too much oil, your pores can easily get clogged, especially if it gets mixed with dirt, makeup residue and dead skin cells.

So, to make sure that doesn’t happen, you need to cleanse it, preferably twice a day. This is to make sure that there’s no dirt or makeup residues that can clog your pores.

Toning and moisturizing are important as well. These two steps can bring back the moisture your skin loses each time you cleanse.

Although your skin is capable of restoring moisture by itself, it can actually take quite awhile. By toning, you’ll be bringing back that lost moisture quickly.

Sun protection is important, too. A good sunscreen can help you combat excessive oil production while making sure your skin stays protected against the sun’s harmful rays.

And if your skin is already suffering from the consequences of not doing any of these skin care steps, such as acne, acne spots and dull skin, you may need to use something more potent to bring back your skin’s healthy complexion.

This includes investing in the top vitamin c serum for face. Vitamin C serums have the ability to brighten the skin, including any dark spots you may have.

They can also tighten up pores and even out your skin tone. In addition to that, they also have anti-aging benefits by boosting your skin’s collagen production.

The more collagen there is in your skin, the more supple, elastic and younger-looking it will become.

Now, if these steps overwhelmed you- don’t fret. Here’s an infographic to guide you in getting rid of oily skin.

6 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Oily SKin


The Make-A-Wish® Crystal Ball Fundraiser took place at the Doubletree by Hilton on Saturday the 16th May.I’m honored to be an ambassador for this amazing charity. The ball was a potent reminder of the inspiring work done by the foundation granting wishes to brave children battling life-threatening medical conditions all over Ireland.

The memories that make a wish create are ones that are treasured forever. These special days help families forget about the illness and hard times. On the night of the ball Norah Casey spoke about her sons friend who passed away some years ago but before he had a wish and it’s a memory that her son cherishes forever.

Special guests on the evening were the Conneely Family who were recipients of a wish. Wish mother Rosie made an emotional speech about how her family lived through Aideen’s illness myelodysplastic syndrome and the impact her child’s wish made to her entire family. Aideen’s wish was to be a Barbie Fashion designer. The video above is of Aideen’s wish and it was premiered at the event and it really shows how important the work is that make a wish do xx

Myself and CEO of Make a Wish Susan O'Dwyer

Myself and CEO of Make a Wish Susan O’Dwyer

hLike everything baby related because babies are all different they will all experience teething differently. One of my friends has three children now and this is the first time teething has caused chaos in their house. The other two dribbled and drooled but this little fella is not sleeping, his routine is completely out of whack, he’s refusing food and in turn it’s disturbing the other two kids as well.


Teething can be a testing time for everyone. I often think how cruel it is that our little ones have to go through such pain but the only silver lining here is they don’t remember: but we do! James started teething early, he was just nearly three months old and as he didn’t sleep for about two years I didn’t really know any different but boy if you’ve had two sleepers and then a child who is suddenly not sleeping it can be really tough.


You feel so helpless as a parent watching them with their red cheeks, eating their hands and yours and drooling all over everything and everyone they come into contact with. The symptoms of teething can vary depending on when your child is cutting his or her first tooth. My sister was actually born with a tooth but the majority of babies start teething between four and nine months and don’t panic if your baby is not teething yet because some little ones may start teething as late as one year of age.


The individual and very different teething experiences that babies go through mean experts often disagree about the symptoms of teething. However most parents notice some of the following in their little one – drooling, biting, irritability, ear pulling and sleeplessness. In the beginning you might be dealing with a lot of dribble for quite a while. There are some amazing brands around now like Cozi Dry.

complete gift set cozidry

Emily Godson came up with the idea for this product when each of her three babies drooled incessantly while they were teething. She remembers her ‘eureka’ moment, whilst changing her baby’s vest for the 100th time and she wondered why she had never thought of the idea before when she was designing kid’s clothes. She sells vest, bibs and gift sets ranging from €18-75


If you are trying to take shortcuts in life make them worthwhile. I’m a great believer in using products that work and vests like these help prevent your babies clothes becoming damp which can lead to colds and skin rashes.

Neckerchew French Chic


There are also lots of great bibs on the market like the neckerchew €15.99 from that are a bib and a teether in one! Your baby will love the chewy piece on the corner of these bibs which means no more teething toys being flung around the car, restaurants or even when you’re out for a walk!


As far as pain management goes I used Teetha (€6.49 all the time. James actually recognized the little sachets after a while and used to get very excited when I took them out which led me to believe it gave him great relief.  The Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules are a homeopathic remedy, which is another reason I felt so comfortable using them. As James was so young I really didn’t want to be giving him medicine all the time. I used their teething gel (€5.99) at night before I put him down and if he was struggling during the night I would rub some more on.


Keeping lots of bits and pieces in the freezer was also my savior. When James was a bit older and eating solids I used the Clevamama Clevafeed (€6.99), which is great for putting frozen fruit into and they can chew away to their hearts content. Never leave your child unattended with these items though.


It’s normal for sleeping and eating patterns to be disrupted during this time and if you have a teething tot you will need a lot of patience and cuddles to hand but it’s important to note that if your baby is experiencing diarrhoea or has a temperature or if you detect bleeding of the gums or if you are worried about your baby’s symptoms please consult your doctor.

You don’t even need a bench you can do this exercise on the floor. If you have a stable surface use it as a bench and you’ll get a greater range of movement!!! Believe me it works amazingly for mums post birth.

3 sets of 10 should start to show some great results. Till next week Ali xx

Sorgenfresser_Gruppe (2)

There is nothing more heartbreaking than dropping your child off and seeing them upset. Over the past few weeks I have been talking to so many parents about how bad they feel about leaving them and going to work. There are so many arguments out there about childcare. What’s right and what’s wrong and at what age is crèche suitable.

I have read so much research and indeed conflicting arguments from experts and psychologists alike. We all have different circumstances and reasons for making our decisions. No two families or indeed children are the same. The past few weeks have been extremely tough for a lot of parents but we all need peace of mind to get through the day.

The one thing our kids fear most is that you will leave them and not come back so don’t be tempted to slip away without saying goodbye and reassure them you will be back later.

“Separation anxiety is common for both parents and children.” Says Aisling Ni Dhoibhlinn from The Toddler Inn. “It’s quite traumatic saying goodbye to your tiny and defenceless child. You should make sure your child knows that you, or whoever is dropping them off, will come back.”

Teachers expect children to be upset on the first day and over the first few weeks and they are well versed and often experienced in looking after upset children. Most of the time children don’t cry for as long as you imagine they will. James gets upset a lot of mornings but not long after I leave I peep back in and he’s running around playing dinosaurs. He often doesn’t want to come home in the afternoon, which leaves me reassured he’s happy.

Try and bring your child in confidently, with a big smile and wish them well. Cry around the corner when you leave (like me) but try not to let them feel your anxiety.

It’s crucial during this time that the lines of communication are open between yourself and your crèche. I don’t care how good you think your crèche/preschool is your child must be happy there.

Try reading your child a story like “The back to School Tortoise”, by Lucy M George. It shows how even though we all worry about situations, they usually turn out to be a lot more fun than we first thought. I find reading a great way of communicating with kids. I often make up my own stories about my first day at school and James loves how brave listening to how brave I used to be (yes I’m a superhero in my stories).

James just got a worry monster that gobbles up all your worries. It is without a shadow of a doubt the best toy I have ever bought. The Sorgenfresser are from Germany and are especially designed with a zipped mouth so little ones can share their dreams, nightmares and worries with a soft and cuddly friend. You simply write down the sorry and unzip the mouth and the worry monster gobbles it up! It’s a great toy for all ages because sometimes it can be difficult to tell an adult about a trouble or worry, but writing it down can really help. Once they’ve got it on paper, children can pop it into Sorgenfresser’s mouth and zip it shut. That’s where their worry will stay, safe and sound. I remove the worry during the night and when James wakes up I can see the relief when his worry is gone. Sorgenfresser are also great listeners. Whether kids are scared of spiders or worried about a school bully, they are there.

At James age I write the worry down for him or going one step further we use our imagination and fill his mouth full of all our secret worries. It has worked so well for all types of anxieties including going to the toilet and moving into a new classroom.

For older kids it can also work well as writing down your worries and problems at any age is a great form of therapy and a great release. Having suffered from depression for years one of the most important therapy tools in my opinion is writing things down. If you find it difficult to communicate and let’s face it sometimes we all do the worry monster can help.

You’ll find them on Amazon & €30



It is estimated that around 1.2 billion of us now have a Facebook account, that’s nearly 20% of the world’s population, and at any point in time over half of us are logged in and active.

As we are constantly being exposed to the ‘online’ social lives of our friends and families, we wanted to delve into the effects that sharing our lives online can have on our emotional wellbeing.

The results were shocking and I know only too well how upsetting it can be to see your siblings sipping sangria while you’re at home in the office or your bestie with her new boyfriend when your husband has left you for a younger model!!

With over 350 million photographs being uploaded onto Facebook everyday it seems nothing is safe from being shared online, from photographs of a night out with friends when that one was one too many, to an instragrammed picture of brunch last weekend you weren’t invited too!

Can our Facebook activity be affecting us and our friends with too much negativity and shame?

Whether these are emotions or situations you or your friends are guilty of, steer a more balanced emotional path with these situation companions from Bach Original Flower Remedies.

Yes my friends below is as close as you’ll get to a cure. So just say NO to tears, jealousy or indeed anymore frustration!!! (unfortunately can’t control one too many or husbands leaving)

1.hollyJealous of friends updates: For when you feel a touch of the green eyed monster, try Bach Original Flower Remedy Holly if you feel jealous.





2.heatherYour friends busy social lives make you feel lonely: Unleash the positive potential of Bach Original Flower Remedy Heather if you find it hard to be alone.





3.agrimonyDisguising true emotions with overly positive updates: If you want to deal with the issues instead of constantly putting a brave face on them, try Bach Original Flower Remedy Agrimony to help you be more open.





4.mimulusWorried about being photographed in the same outfit: If you feel shy or worried utilise Bach Original Flower Remedy Mimulus.





5.crab appleBikini fear from endless summer holiday snaps: If getting into a bikini fills you with dread, swap your sarong with Bach Original Flower Remedy Crab Apple and get your legs out and strut with body confidence.





MOST IMPORTANTLY:chestnut bud if you keep on making the same mistakes on social media, utilise Bach Original Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud and move away from those bad habits.





From the makers of Rescue, Bach Original Flower Remedies balance your emotions and allow you to fulfill your potential with the system of 38 flower essences for emotional wellbeing. They are the original flower essences, produced according to Dr Bach’s traditional methods, which date back over 75 years, and many of the plants used originate from the Bach Centre garden in rural Oxfordshire. Suitable for all the family.


Bach flower remedies are available from health stores nationwide

Excited??? Just a little bit.

I am honoured to be asked to judge the awards and be in such good company.

My fellow judges taking on the challenge for the first time are:

Sally J Hall

Sally J. Hall, published author and Editor of B magazine and the Bounty Gift Guide


Jennie Henley the mum behind popular parenting blog

As newcomers we will be joining forces with two of last year’s judges to create the ultimate panel!

Liat PIC

The Slow Toys Awards welcome back for the second year running, parenting journalist and author of What to Buy for Your Baby and Raising Children: The Primary Years and the soon to be published New Old-fashioned Parenting, Liat Hughes Joshi as well as

Kate Carter

Kate Carter, the Life and Style Editor at the Guardian

So as you can see since its launch in 2011, The Slow Toy Awards has been honoured to have had the support of an enviable judging panel, and this year is no exception. With each judge bringing a different area of expertise, we’re all incredibly excited about 2014’s strong line-up.

The prestigious team of judges are very well known within the parenting field and this announcement is sure to cause some excitement within the industry.

With over 20 years’ experience in the parenting industry, having reviewed hundreds of products, edited various magazines and written the book Eco Baby, A Guide To Green Parenting, Sally J. Hall was an obvious choice. Talking about why she wanted to be involved this year, Sally said:

“Our lives are so frenetic and so full of technology that it’s good to remind ourselves how important childhood is. We should encourage our children to engage with toys that will offer more than just beeps and flashing lights; toys that will become family favourites and be used and loved for years. I passionately believe in a child’s right to play and to ensure our children’s future on this beautiful planet, we should all stop to consider how we can make it more sustainable for them. Slow Toys achieve this with no loss of enjoyment.”

I am passionate about the concept behind the Slow Toy Awards and have been very impressed with the winners over the past two years so I can’t wait to get started. I’m also thrilled and excited to share the movement with families in Ireland.


what is a Slow Toy:

A slow toy is a toy that ignites imagination, inspires creativity and gives children the freedom to develop at their own pace. It is a well made, good quality toy that stands the test of time and rather than distracting children, a Slow Toy has true play value.

Craft Category:

Brand new for 2014, a new category has been opened especially for craft brands. Although craft toys may not stand the test of time physically, they still ignite the imagination, inspire creativity and give children the freedom to develop at their own pace. The Slow Toy Team felt that craft products reflect the messaging behind the Slow Toy Movement and wanted to give this sector the opportunity to be recognised for a Slow Toy award.

Crieteria Guideline:                                    

– Must inspire the mind

– Must not require batteries

– Must not be made purely from plastic

– It has to stand the test of time  (not applicable for toys entering the craft category)

– It has to promise true play value

– It must be a well-made toy (For craft toys – the materials must be high quality)



Dolls Pram Both Colours low res

836515 - 15 Model Set Main model low res

BJT025 - Around The World Train Set Lifestyle (640x349)