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      It’s a word that we hear so often. We see it on posters, memes, we speak it to those we love but so few of us really understand what love really is. I include myself in that sentence as I feel like my entire life is a journey of finding my way home to love. If love has never been modelled for you or shown to you without conditions, it can be really hard to let your guard down and really let love in.

      Love is in purest form is void of any drama, chaos, jealousy, envy, resentment, conditions, judgments or anything other than a pure feeling of expansive oneness with all. Love is the highest vibration, our greatest teacher and a state of consciousness that leads to a life of peace and joy.

      When we ask ourselves the question What would love do and really sit with it, the answer that emerges and it is usually a very different one to the one we have been taught. You see we are trained and taught to live in fear. We are constantly told to watch our back, be careful, play it safe, be careful who you trust, don’t let people in too easily, the world is a dangerous place, look out for number 1 and the list goes on.

      I Live From Love

      It is unlike any other teacher as it is generous and abundant and constantly there for you. It encourages the dissolution of stories and the melting away of judgement and fear. It is the guiding light in the darkness and your greatest ally on your healing path.

      LOVE is who you are. It is your true nature. It is the blue sky above the clouds that never changes. Sure, it may get lost from our sight sometimes and get covered over with different weather patterns, but its essence never alters and even though it may be out of sight sometimes it’s never unavailable to us. Seeing is not always believing, you must get to know love on such a deep level that even if it disappears from sight for a period of time you know and trust that it is still there. We are never separate from it because it’s our true essence. Everything else is just patterns and beliefs that we have picked up along the way. They are usually patterns created through experiences that have encouraged our adjustment to this world by protecting ourselves with layers of rules and regulations in an effort to keep ourselves safe.

      Everything we do is about safety and the longing for safety in this world has increased to epidemic levels where people will literally do the most insane things in an effort to keep themselves safe. This only serves to feed the divide and conquer tactic used by those who want to keep the collective controlled. When we are divided, we are busy arguing amongst ourselves but when we are in community, we are incredibly powerful. Love builds community, connection, encourages deep healing and from here we make decisions for the highest good of all.

      So, ask yourself today and this week

      What would love do?

      I would love to hear from you with your stories of love

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