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    We live in a funny world where we treat different aspects of us separately. There are parts of us we run from and parts of us we love. There are emotions we deny and emotions we supply. There are masks we wear to play different parts in our lives and there are secrets which we hide. The truth is that we are complex beings but ultimately what I have found is that we are all trying to find our way home to ourselves.

    This home I speak of is where we feel at peace. This peace I speak of comes from a deep knowing that everything is interconnected and we are all part of the whole. You see when we think we are separate from the rest of the world we begin to struggle and suffer as a result. This way of thinking and living leads to all sorts of problems for us. We begin to live in competition with the world and others, we can feel isolated and lonely and ultimately, we lose sight of the fact that we are here to experience life fully and re-member who we really are. The path of remembrance is one of connection. Disconnection causes all sorts of problems from dis-ease, addictions, emotional pain and a sense of feeling lost in a world that just doesn’t understand you. Taking steps to reconnect will start the process of remembrance so that you can begin to live more fully with the magic ingredient for all of life which is JOY. Joy is like a secret missing link for most people today. We have to do lists that grow and grow each day leading to more and more overwhelm. Fun is like a distant memory in a serious world of playing catch up. But when we play catch up all day we miss life. We need to stop chasing, stop running from and stop avoiding ourselves. We have been indoctrinated into a pretty toxic world of perfection. The wellness movement pushes positivity only whereas life is about accepting all of your creations. This means loving the good and the bad because its only when we do this that we begin to call a ceasefire on our own inner war. The battle is always within and what is within plays out on the battlefield we experience each day. Our reactions to our experiences create even more battles until we decide to call a ceasefire of love. This ceasefire is a powerful move on your part because its signal to the universe you are ready to step it up and play the real game of life. This is the game where you are in the driver seat and you begin to understand that you are the creator. When we begin to live this way, miracles, synchronicities, expansion, growth, fun, joy and laughter are all yours for the taking.Call a ceasefire today and start living, stop existing and let joy back in. It all starts with one decision and that decision can literally change everything. Choosing to love and accept all of you exactly as you are right now is quite possibly the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves. Let love in and let love win, it really is the only way.

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