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I had business meeting last week and the person in question felt that life ‘owed them something’ a vile rant of negativity and bitterness. I excused myself from the meeting as I couldn’t be present any longer in such bitterness and venom. How could anyone work with this person or company is beyond me.
But then my integrity was brought into question as I didn’t want to surround myself with people like that. They thought I wouldn’t turn down a deal for minimum effort and a good pay day.
But a life lesson I learned many years ago if you can avoid working with DICKS or NEGATIVE NEDS on a project if you can survive financially without the gig. Then run a mile. The negative energy working against yourself with people who just pour out venom.
So I knew they wouldn’t take my rejection lightly so then it turned into a personal attack on me. I smiled back and just laughed. You see in life certain people can only hide behind their masks before you see the real character unfold before you.
So just think you are halfway through a project and then you are kicked down by people like this. Who you thought had your back but yet they just hid behind their masks.
Wow that got a bit dark but you have to speak the truth. Always go with your gut. Believe in you.
Now all about the blank page.
I had a massive fight with Ali last summer. I was shouting on the phone, telling her if she didn’t write a paragraph on a book that we all knew she had it in her, I wouldn’t speak to her.
I hated doing it but it had to be done. We didn’t speak for a short period of time. Then my phone rang, with an apology and she started to write something every day during the course of 5 days.
Now her book ‘Minding Mum’ has its launch next week in Dublin. I’m so proud of you Ali.
To all the Mothers out there, to all the single mothers and single fathers in the world. I salute you.
Buy ‘Minding Mum’.
But that is Lightning Positivity right there, a blank page, a push in the right direction and when you start to believe in you. Anything is possible.
Happy Tuesday Peeps.
Shine On .


Imagine making 12 positive changes to your lifestyle in just one year?

Thats a lot right!

Well by introducing just one small change each month its entirely possible and fun 

Shine Bright

Ali xx


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Hope all my readers are having a very festive Christmas! I always love this time of year and season.

Now I recently went to town with my Mother for lunch on Christmas Eve. Walking the streets of Dublin brought her back fond memories when she would meet my Father in The Westbury Hotel for midweek dates.

She asked me a question that I couldn’t answer. Out of all my various career paths, what would I wish for to happen to me in 2016? What would I love to happen?

I didn’t know! That question has sat with me since Christmas Eve. I knew I’d be writing this article today and still the answer hasn’t come to me yet.

First things first, I have a draft 1 deadline for a new play by January 15th with my dramaturg (a dramaturg is a professional position within a theatre or opera company that deals mainly with research and development of plays or operas.)

But I’m going to take out my cork board and plan my goals and wishes and what I want because right now, I don’t know. Am I fazed? Nope I’m actually quite happy. So all I can say is right now all I want is to have the banter and laugh, smile throughout 2016. But for now I’m just thinking, reflecting on the year ahead.

But next week I’ll share my goals and wish list when the light will shine and the penny will drop.

Now don’t forget there will be people around your circle in life who will tell you different, that you can’t achieve this or wish for that or plan this goal.

Always remember those “Coffee & kicks” I always talk about and the negative Ned’s who suck the life & energy out of you.

I was told I’d never make it as a professional actor, box ticked. Ah you’ll never make it as an actor in the west end, box ticked. Ah you want to make plays leave that to the professionals, box ticked.

Be butchered in the reviews, nope 5 Star Reviews. Ah he’s only an Irishplaywright, your work won’t travel, London, America, box ticked. Who’d produce or translate your work, box ticked, translated in three languages and produced in three different countries. Ah he only had one play in him; anyone can do that, one trick pony, “My Bedsit Window” my most successful play to date. Ah sure he won’t get commissioned, box ticked. This joker wants to be a screenwriter, joker, box ticked. This joker wants to sell films scripts, Walter Mitty, box ticked.

What’s the pattern? Have you noticed I’ve had people put me down, laugh at me, stab in the front and the back? Every hurdle I jump, every road block, I smash on through. Every achievement, belittled.

But I let the anger go, I focused on my positive, my career goals for me and only for me. I want you to know before you start your journey for today and throughout 2016 there will always be one plonker Rodney, but don’t waste any time on them. Smile & laugh for you and only you.

Lightning Positivity helps me push on through. Can we be positive 24/7 not at all? I always say embrace those horrible, murky grey duvet days and admit that ya know what? Today was awful but tomorrow will be beautiful.

I just want you to push on through. I love people, helping people but I don’t know what I want for 2016 but all I know is that I hope its The Year of the Banter for all of my readers.

I’ll always be open & honest with you guys.

I stated that from my first article.

Don’t let negative Ned’s decide your future.

Being struck by lightning thought me the most valuable life lesson, the GIFT of being alive for another day.

Shine On



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“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation” – Viktor E. Frankl

I cannot start my article this week without mentioning what happened in Paris on Friday. I light a candle most days in my office for different people & causes. I find it very relaxing and spiritual. But I know there are a lot of atrocities that happen every day in the world that don’t get reported.

But Paris hit me hard, a year to that very night I sat in that pizzeria with a business associate of mine Charles. We met for a coffee on Friday in Dublin with our business finished for the week.

Thinking about hoping on a plane to Paris was the topic of conversation. But we were just dreaming as we were there a year to the day visiting Oscar Wilde. Then what unfolded last Friday via social media and news reports, an attack on the youth of Paris. Or like us two, tourists enjoying the Parisian streets. Drinking & Dining, talking and shopping.

I light a candle for the innocent life’s claimed last weekend in Paris. I light a candle for all the innocent lives affected by extremists & wars.

Am I spiritual? Yes, but my religion doesn’t define me as a person. So I do not judge or shame anyone for their own religious beliefs.

Extremists are saying that some lives are more valuable than others, if you don’t believe in what I hold to be the truth; your life doesn’t hold a value. Universal love is about valuing all human life, regardless of individual religious beliefs. My cousin wrote an article this week and she used the quote I started the article with:

“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation” – Viktor E. Frankl

Now last night I was at the Aviva Stadium supporting the Irish Football team as they played in a play-off qualifier against Bosnia. If they won, all roads would lead to France for the Euros 2016 and automatic qualification.

My sister brought my nephew; he’s 11 and he got to experience the sense of a match day tradition with his uncles & mother. I’ll never forget my father and then my older brother taking me as a child to my first international qualifiers.

The roar of the crowd, the masses of people filling the streets, chants of “Ole Ole” and “Jack Charlton’s Army” my nephew was buzzing with excitement. Now his Uncles had confidence & belief in the Boys in Green but inside a bag of nerves. But we did it with two goals thanks to Jon Walters. 60,000 people screaming in ecstasy, jumping around crying with emotion. Singing songs and hugging strangers. In a sense, universal love.

Your life can be taken away in a moment. I had an outer body experience when I was hit by lightning. I remember looking at my body and the nurses & doctors around me. I was dead, my soul was leaving this world and I was pulled back.

So if you can take anything from the events over the last few days is to make change today, for nobody except you. Not for your family, friends or partner. Start making changes for you.

Now sometimes in life, people drop their masks, their real personalities show. You may have had a feeling, that it was an act. But a life lesson is that they can’t always have their mask on 24hrs a day. They slip and attack. Be prepared for that moment as you don’t need people like that in your life. The Jokers of this world who sit and wait to attack you. Be strong in who you are. You are incredible, unique with the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Feck the Jokers of this world.

So what is it that you want to change? Write it down today. Explore options and visualise. The power of imagination and visualising your goals, never undervalue that gift.

Don’t let people try and pigeon hold you into a box. You are unique with a powerful gift. Today I want you to visualise all the things you want to change and explore. Do it today. Close your eyes and dream. That’s your homework. Start to Dream.


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Its #mindfulmonday and I wanted to recap on some of lessons so far from #KeepGoing month. The main reason I wanted to do #KeepGoing month is to help people realize that we all deserve much more than we think, but we need to push through our fears. The main message is to stop making excuses for yourself and don’t put off what you can do today till tomorrow!!

In my opinion there is no such thing as new years resolutions (they usually fail). If you were living the life you want to live every day you would have no need to feel like you must change everything at the beginning of every year. Moderation and finding a balance is the key.

Setting goals and having a game plan for a new year is a great idea but be the person you want to be all year round. Show up for yourself every single day and not just on January the 1st.


What is January the 1st anyway but just another day and why does everyone feel like they have to go to the gym every day when they hate it, eat bland food because seemingly thats healthy and deny themselves of everything that they perceive gives them pleasure??

“Follow your own passion and follow your own truth.”

So many people in this life will tell you so many things about yourself, but you don’t have to believe them all. Choose to believe what you know to be true for you. You already know it. It’s in your heart.

  • Trust that voice that makes you feel alive.
  • Trust the feeling that lets you breathe.
  • Trust the feeling that leaves you fulfilled with a smile on your face and a heart full of desire for more of the same.
  • Trust you because you know best.

Be on a constant journey of growth and self-improvement. Small changes make a big difference. You are more likely to stick with them, which means they will actually make a difference to your life. So please #KeepGoing and don’t try and overhaul your life in January only to slip back to your old ways leaving you deflated, disappointed and unmotivated.

Get up, look at yourself in the mirror and ask:

  • Do I want to feel better?
  • Do I want to get up earlier?
  • Do I want to eat well?
  • Do I want to try a new hobby?
  • Do I want to chase my dreams?
  • Do I want to pick up the phone and talk to a friend that you haven’t seen in years?
  • Do I want to mend bridges with someone?
  • Am I ready for change?
  • Am I ready for today?

If there is anything you would like to change, then today is as good a day as any to get going and keep going.

Write a list and start ticking it off, take action and show up for you.
Change never happened with a maybe or a next week or a tomorrow it happens when you take action today.

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Just back from a weekend away in Prague, highly recommend a trip away to this stunning city so full of culture & art. The sun was shining as I walked the streets of Prague for the first time exploring hidden treasures.

Sometimes we forget how good it feels just to disconnect to the world around us. Turn off the phone & don’t get connected to the WIFI. I love social media but I also love shutting off from the world and technology.

Coffee, pen & paper and watching the world go by. Yes I’m that person who is listening to your conversation at the local coffee shop. People ask me where does my inspiration come from? Real people & characters always the best inspiration.

Now I am stubborn and can have a temper at times. Nobody is perfect but when someone gets under my skin, it was like red rag to a bull. I’ve learned now not to let bad seeds get under my skin in business and my personal life.

This has made a massive difference on my outlook in life. Of course I’ll have a rant, get it off my chest and park it and move on. Always finding methods how to deal with bad seeds in all shapes & sizes.

But I always worry for friends or family who have no outlet to vent or hobby. My parents will be married 44 years together this week. Are they perfect? No, but are they still in love? Yes, and its beautiful to see. My mother has her belief in GOD and Guardian Angels and my father has always had politics. They connect with people through those passions. They both believe how important it is to have a passion or hobby.

But to never give up the fight or the passion. Too many times people walk away without the fight. Like a Boxer, never give up till the bell rings. Push on through the pain and the barriers that can happen in life.

We all need magic moments in life, to keep the spark lit. I love music and a good auld bop or dance. So I was burning the candle at both ends in Prague on the dance floor not worrying about anything just enjoying life and the moment.



Live in the now, the past is in the past, the future? Sure who knows but wow when you live in the moment its bloody fantastic? Try and strive for another magic moment. For some it’s being alone watching a favourite box set, Netflix, new book, walking or having a coffee. This week is about having a moment for you and only you. Make the person on the inside smile from the inside out. We all need to glow.

This One Is For You

I write this last section with a heavy heart. I’ve seen someone who I love fall from the person they once were. An incredible friend who was the salt of the earth. That person is now a shadow of the glowing light they were to everyone who met them. A bad influence has taken over their life. They can’t see it but now they are isolated with no friends. In a poisons’ environment.

I’m writing this so you know; I’ll never give up on you. We all fall in life but friendship means something to me. You may not be a friend now because of your actions. But I’m not giving up on you ever, through the good and the bad. But it’s your life; this beautiful and painful world is for living. In ten years’ time you’ll blink and I don’t want that to happen. So look around you, see what’s happening and why?

You are the best, so reflect on that, it’s an outside influence but that can change. Your friends will be there waiting. But take this message and make the change. We might not be there now, but we will always be there waiting, for you to become the person we all know you are.

This One Is For You

I’m Never Giving Up On You

But if you want change

You have to take control

We all know people like this in life, don’t close the door on them is all I’m saying. They are just lost.

Now just want to finish this week’s article to my parents. 44 years married and still in love.

Never give up the Fight or the Passion

Shine On




The ability or belief.

To believe in yourself.

To accomplish any task.

No matter the odds.

No matter the difficulty.

No matter the adversity.

The belief that you can accomplish it.

I believe we can all learn this skill.

The skill of self-confidence.

Happy Tuesday Peeps ! Now I may be a little bit crazy or away in the clouds at times but I’m always honest to my readers. I practise what I preach, am I positive 24hrs? Of course not because that’s unhealthy but most of the time I like to be positive and have a positive outlook on life.

Now I’m brutal at technology, and a few of my buddies always help me out. But they like to pass it off and say “ah it’s nothing, self-taught” but it’s not nothing. It’s a skillset and maybe we need to say hold on a second. I’m actually good at this, talented and thanks for the compliment. Like I say

Embrace it.

Own it.

If we start to believe in our talents no matter how you perceive them to be on scale with so call “professionals” trust me we’ve all hired people at one point and thought, hang on a second I can do a better job. It’s ok to admit that, if you feel can do a better job. But you know what I mean. Some people just have the confidence, it’s not natural. Fake it, till you make it. But it’s about the ability or belief to believe in yourself, no matter the odds or difficulty. In your “Lightning Positivity” notepad or notes section write down that we all have the power to learn the skill of self-confidence.

I was approached by a friend to help them with a wedding speech. I did it for free because I didn’t see the skillset to it. Then for a friends son’s graduation, work presentation, an acceptance speech. The list was endless across all job sectors & life events.

Then one day I got a phone call from a CEO of a company. I had written a speech for his friend at a wedding he attended. At this point I still wasn’t charging for it. Then I had the eureka moment. Hang on a second, I must be good or else I wouldn’t keep getting these referrals.

So after my ninth gig I started to charge people to help them write & perform speeches. I could always write on a blank page. Speak in front of 10 people or 2000 people, it has never fazed me. But I didn’t see it as a skill. Like my friends who fix my computers, they have a skill in my eyes because coding and programming and updates is a foreign language in my eyes but not to them.

So now I’m earning revenue from a skillset I use to do for free because in my eyes it wasn’t a skill set. So start to open your own eyes because we all have skills & talents. That’s all I’m saying. We just need to learn the skill of self-confidence.

When that happens & it will, you will have that lightning eureka moment.

You know what? I can’t wait to hear from you when you do.

Shine On.



Dear Me,


I’m writing this letter to apologise for not treating you properly, for not wanting to spend time with you and for always speaking to you in a way that no one should ever be spoken too.


The thought of failure used to scare me into hiding from you. The fear of never being good enough led me to do anything and everything to escape spending time with you and for that I am also sorry. The poison I took and the poison I spoke; sometimes I am shocked you are still here for me.


I allowed myself to believe I didn’t deserve success and that it wasn’t good enough to just be me. I felt like giving up every day, my bed was where I felt safe especially when I was sleeping.


For all of those things I am sorry because now that I have gotten to know you I realize that you are not to be feared and that you are actually strong, capable, pretty good company and if I’m honest my best friend.


I’m sorry life kicked the shit out of you because of my actions but I promise that pain was not in vain. I will fight for you now because you are worth it. I will rise to the challenge and make you proud because now I know its possible for me to live my dreams, push the boundaries, think outside the box, break the rules, and be myself while I do it.


Now I promise to live my life with passion, power and pride. Now I realize that just because I was down on my luck it did not mean I couldn’t come back. I will do what I have to do to get to where I want to go.


Now, I’m not afraid to fail although I have many many times before. I will keep pushing myself because I now believe it’s the right thing to do. I will no longer listen to people who tell me its not possible, the people who caused me to doubt you for so long.


Realising that how much money I have in the bank, having what my peers do, being liked by the right people or being represented by the biggest and best agency in the world does not define my worth has given me more freedom and strength than ever before. Knowing that I have access all day every day to my own happiness is like being given the golden ticket.


I have already won because I can breathe with ease so

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

From Me


So today is the 1st of November, most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, the weather is changing and the evenings are becoming shorter. We are also starting to see and hear Christmas creeping in to our daily lives already!!! When Christmas creeps in we tend to shift our minds away from our goals and self-care, which inevitably means that stress, pressure and bad habits start creeping in.

What I really love about autumn is that it’s a visible sign of change. It’s Mother Nature’s way of showing us not to fear change and that everything must die to make way for the new possibilities and opportunities. Just look at the stunning autumn colours, the yellows and burnt orange before they turn brown and fall to the ground. Every stage of their life and every stage of our life and our journey’s are beautiful and we need to realize that and enjoy every moment of every day.


Just imagine if leaves could talk and on one particular oak tree all the leaves were enjoying their lives. Like babies they were born in Springtime, fresh and full of life and then they moved into the wonderful summer months where they grew, matured and developed into older leaves. As they came towards the end of the summer they started to feel tired, but most of them were welcoming the change that was on its way and they were ready for it, as they needed the rest. But there were some leaves on the tree that spent their entire short lives never being content and happy and when the other leaves asked why they would always reply that they wanted to be bigger, greener and better that they were at that moment.


They always hoped that those things would come to them and they were sure that when they did it would make them feel happier and more content. Every day they were irritable, distracted and unfocused. They felt a void in the little leaf veins that they simply couldn’t fill. As the autumn time approached and they saw themselves turn from green to yellow and orange they became very upset and panicked because they had never felt green enough and now they would never be green again. By the time they realized this it was too late.


So don’t be like an old oak leaf and wait to be happy. The time to be happy is right now. The oak leaf was perfect all along and the only person that couldn’t see that was the leaf itself.


There is still 1/5 of the year left so a HUGE 20% of a full year to fulfill your goals, dreams and to get back on track and stay focused. So think back to January of this year:


  • What hopes and dreams did you have for 2014? List them now. What have you ticked off?


  • What could you realistically still achieve if you put your mind to it?


Whether you would like to work on yourself, your career, your family life or anything else for that matter NOW is a great time to start. Maybe it’s something as simple as getting up when your alarm goes off every day or eating a healthier breakfast.


Every second of every minute of every day is a chance to start again. Life is not about being perfect it’s about just being you. So join me for “Keep going” month in November.


The first thing I want to you to do is start every day the right way. Create a morning routine that energizes and prepares you positively for the day ahead. Follow me on FACEBOOK where I will be posting daily inspirations and videos including my morning routine and life lessons that have helped me to get to where I am today which is a very happy, grateful and lucky lady. I feel blessed to be on this path. We all have it in us and we are all capable of much more that we imagine.


I’m not saying it’s easy but I am saying it’s worth it!!


Ali xxxx


Now that I have in place a structure for my next three projects. I work out a timeline and I jump from writing a play, screenplay and children’s book.

I’ve always worked this way when writing to a deadline. Jumping through different worlds & different projects. The point in telling you this is about TIME.

I celebrated my birthday at the weekend. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve blinked and a year has gone “bye!”

I always people watch. I write in coffee shops during the day. Listening to the world around me when people are communicating with each other via spoken word not just getting lost in a smartphone.

My godmother is 90 this week & my great Uncle is going to be a 100. Two incredible landmark ages but do you know how hard it is to find a decent looking 90th & 100th birthday card?

All joking aside, whether or not you believe in a God, we can all agree that we all know we are going to die. WOW, wait a go, Mr Positivity on that fact! Sure I’m only feeling great now reading that. But it’s a fact of life. Embrace it, own it.

So why wish away our time on this planet. That has been on my mind all weekend. Wishing away or even drifting away through time.

Today I’m going to get lost in the ticking of the clock. I never want to feel that I’ve blinked and it’s my birthday again.

So for today I just want you to get lost in the moment. Being present in today. The people that surround you or your work. Just don’t wish it away.

Really think hard on the small changes you want to make in your life because you all have the power to make those changes. Just don’t be a drifter.

Be the Captain of your ship.

You can achieve anything really just start to believe a bit more in you and your happiness.

Today, just get lost in living for today and have no other thoughts about the past or the future.

Happy Lightning Tuesday.