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Tonight marks a very special night because a full moon will light up the sky for the first time in 38 years on Christmas day.

We are in the universal month of 11 and this full moon happens at 11:11AM GMT!!

There have only been 3 full moons in the 20th century 1901, 1920 and 1977 so enjoy this one, as the next one doesn’t occur till 2034. Amazingly in the 21st century there will be 5 including 2053, 2072 and 2091

This full moon brings new beginnings and it is an amazingly creative full moon so make your to do list and set those goals.

As its Christmas day tomorrow and most of us are with our families (full moon is in the sign of cancer – family and home sign which is amazing also) so enjoy the energy this moon brings but also understand that it can bring things to a resolution but also any full moon can bring things to a head! But just open your heart to love and let go…

The significance of 11:11 can have so many meanings but for tomorrow my advice is to:

  • Make a wish at this time.
  • Set your alarm to help you remember
  • Write down your goals and dreams
  • Release the things that no longer serve you so LET GO!!
  • Rest and look after your health and don’t go overboard and overindulge
  • Enjoy this special energy


Wishing you bright, beautiful and abundant happiness.

You will receive great blessings with this moon,

Ali xxxxx

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Fear is a paralyzing, debilitating and completely overwhelming at times. But viewed differently, if we work on our personal ‘pushing’ skills we can turn around how we look at and deal with fear!

You can wake up every day and stay in your routine and do what you have always done or you can wake up with a fire in your belly and push yourself each day. If you feel uncomfortable just try to keep going. When you are uncomfortable you are simply in a zone that you have never been in before and that’s ok after all how are you going to try new things or achieve more in your life if you don’t enter new zones all the time!

Every time your zone becomes comfortable it’s time to set new goals, new dreams and push yourself further than you have ever pushed yourself before.

alison canavan, push through your fears, motivation monday, feel good, inspiration, lifecoach, wellness, life lessons, be complete

If you have a vision pushing through your fears is both essential and necessary.







The Unknown




Pain and




These are all things we have in common as human beings but what sets us apart is facing those fears, giving the best we can and doing what’s required to push through.

There will be days when you feel you are getting nowhere, days when you just want to scream but if you keep going you’ll start to experience breakthroughs which will lead to better confidence and before you know it you will be achieving not only your dreams but also a huge level of personal growth too.



  1. Silence your inner critic – Every time that voice comes up and tells you that you shouldn’t, can’t or won’t be able or anything else negative it tries to trick you with just acknowledge it but don’t believe it!!
  2. Write down your greatest fears and in the two columns beside them write down the best outcomes and the worst outcomes. Nothing in life in guaranteed except that time keeps on ticking. So if most of your fears are from the list of cons are emotional fears just do it!
  3. Ask for advice and support from either friends or family members or indeed a mentor. It’s always good to have a bit of extra encouragement.
  4. Finally BREATHE – yes you heard me it’s the most simple yet most powerful one of all. Breathing is something all of us do but consciously breathing is something few of us actually do. Focusing on your breath will help you to focus, be present and get clear in your thinking.

Ali xx


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“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation” – Viktor E. Frankl

I cannot start my article this week without mentioning what happened in Paris on Friday. I light a candle most days in my office for different people & causes. I find it very relaxing and spiritual. But I know there are a lot of atrocities that happen every day in the world that don’t get reported.

But Paris hit me hard, a year to that very night I sat in that pizzeria with a business associate of mine Charles. We met for a coffee on Friday in Dublin with our business finished for the week.

Thinking about hoping on a plane to Paris was the topic of conversation. But we were just dreaming as we were there a year to the day visiting Oscar Wilde. Then what unfolded last Friday via social media and news reports, an attack on the youth of Paris. Or like us two, tourists enjoying the Parisian streets. Drinking & Dining, talking and shopping.

I light a candle for the innocent life’s claimed last weekend in Paris. I light a candle for all the innocent lives affected by extremists & wars.

Am I spiritual? Yes, but my religion doesn’t define me as a person. So I do not judge or shame anyone for their own religious beliefs.

Extremists are saying that some lives are more valuable than others, if you don’t believe in what I hold to be the truth; your life doesn’t hold a value. Universal love is about valuing all human life, regardless of individual religious beliefs. My cousin wrote an article this week and she used the quote I started the article with:

“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation” – Viktor E. Frankl

Now last night I was at the Aviva Stadium supporting the Irish Football team as they played in a play-off qualifier against Bosnia. If they won, all roads would lead to France for the Euros 2016 and automatic qualification.

My sister brought my nephew; he’s 11 and he got to experience the sense of a match day tradition with his uncles & mother. I’ll never forget my father and then my older brother taking me as a child to my first international qualifiers.

The roar of the crowd, the masses of people filling the streets, chants of “Ole Ole” and “Jack Charlton’s Army” my nephew was buzzing with excitement. Now his Uncles had confidence & belief in the Boys in Green but inside a bag of nerves. But we did it with two goals thanks to Jon Walters. 60,000 people screaming in ecstasy, jumping around crying with emotion. Singing songs and hugging strangers. In a sense, universal love.

Your life can be taken away in a moment. I had an outer body experience when I was hit by lightning. I remember looking at my body and the nurses & doctors around me. I was dead, my soul was leaving this world and I was pulled back.

So if you can take anything from the events over the last few days is to make change today, for nobody except you. Not for your family, friends or partner. Start making changes for you.

Now sometimes in life, people drop their masks, their real personalities show. You may have had a feeling, that it was an act. But a life lesson is that they can’t always have their mask on 24hrs a day. They slip and attack. Be prepared for that moment as you don’t need people like that in your life. The Jokers of this world who sit and wait to attack you. Be strong in who you are. You are incredible, unique with the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Feck the Jokers of this world.

So what is it that you want to change? Write it down today. Explore options and visualise. The power of imagination and visualising your goals, never undervalue that gift.

Don’t let people try and pigeon hold you into a box. You are unique with a powerful gift. Today I want you to visualise all the things you want to change and explore. Do it today. Close your eyes and dream. That’s your homework. Start to Dream.


I get so many emails from mothers, and people in general, asking me how I do everything — because it sure looks like I’m juggling an awful lot!

It’s true, I am juggling a lot. And I won’t lie — being a single parent and working has been damn hard.

Even though James is a little older now, it’s still very tough but it’s still a hell of a lot more manageable than it used to be.

Also, anything worthwhile in life doesn’t come easy. I have learned to manage myself and my time better and I do what’s important to me. thankfully, I’ve finally found a balance and, most importantly, I’m chasing my dreams.

It’s important to dream no matter what anyone tells you. Five years ago, I was pregnant and absolutely terrified. I was about to become a single parent and I was back living with my mum — leaving the big bright lights of New York City behind.

I thought I had nothing when James was born. I was broke, worried and pretty terrified about the future. Having had an incredibly successful career as a model abroad I came back down to earth with a bang. Five years on, I’ve learned so much about life but, more importantly, I’ve discovered so much about myself.

I have learned how resilient we are as human beings and that we always have choices, no matter how dark and difficult situations may seem.

There were days I thought I would never get a break but my years in New York taught me to never give up, while that voice in my head that kept saying, ‘hard work pays off’ was right.

Waiting for any kind of a break was torture but I woke up every day, put a smile on my face and pushed myself harder than ever before.

Sometimes I want to run before I can walk but I have realise now that I have been moving at a pace that is giving me the ability to grow into the person I have become today.

I have learned to see the miracles in every day life. I have finally grown to like myself — hell, even love myself after 37 years. Giving myself permission to do this has made a remarkable difference in my recovery from depression and anxiety.

I have made changes to my life, very slowly, and they have become well-ingrained habits. I sleep more, eat well, exercise, meditate, write a gratitude diary and I’m kind to myself.

After choosing to take an arduous, yet worthwhile, path, I no longer fall into the old habits that are very destructive to both myself, my family, my health and my wellbeing. Instead I’m trying to really feel my feelings and it’s hard but, let me tell you, making that choice has been so worthwhile.


You see, we are all born with the complete set of our own jigsaw puzzle, but it’s how we put our jigsaw together that makes the difference.

Some people start with the border and fill it in by joining the pieces, bit by bit, towards the centre. Others start with the corners and fit each piece onto it until it’s complete. That’s the magic of life; we are all different and we will all deal with life, and all it throws at us, in our own way.

Sometimes pieces go missing, but we find them under chairs and couches eventually.

I was also unaware of the really important pieces I had within me but never used. For years I searched for happiness to fill the gaping hole I felt. I always thought that the next job, party, boyfriend or holiday would do the trick.

Now I know I have to look within as everything I need is already there. I filled that empty space, through the years, with parties and alcohol. I was in pain and they were my pain relief.

I now have a beautiful son who I thank every day for saving my life. I’m dreaming bigger and living a better life than ever before.

I never thought I would be able to tell my story, I never thought I could go back and study again, I never thought I would be good enough to rear James on my own and I never thought I could achieve happiness.

Every day I’m achieving these things and more — and you can, too. Sometimes we think it’s selfish to think of ourselves but I think it’s selfless and important to give ourselves the permission to like and even love ourselves.

Experiment and find your formula, eat well and exercise. Try mindfulness or meditation and take time for yourself. Life can be hard work but work hard on the positive things that will make you healthy and happy, and not on the negative lifestyle habits that make life harder. It’s up to you.

Which life will you choose?

Ali xxx