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      Fear is a paralyzing, debilitating and completely overwhelming at times. But viewed differently, if we work on our personal ‘pushing’ skills we can turn around how we look at and deal with fear!

      You can wake up every day and stay in your routine and do what you have always done or you can wake up with a fire in your belly and push yourself each day. If you feel uncomfortable just try to keep going. When you are uncomfortable you are simply in a zone that you have never been in before and that’s ok after all how are you going to try new things or achieve more in your life if you don’t enter new zones all the time!

      Every time your zone becomes comfortable it’s time to set new goals, new dreams and push yourself further than you have ever pushed yourself before.

      alison canavan, push through your fears, motivation monday, feel good, inspiration, lifecoach, wellness, life lessons, be complete

      If you have a vision pushing through your fears is both essential and necessary.

      WE ALL FEAR:






      The Unknown




      Pain and




      These are all things we have in common as human beings but what sets us apart is facing those fears, giving the best we can and doing what’s required to push through.

      There will be days when you feel you are getting nowhere, days when you just want to scream but if you keep going you’ll start to experience breakthroughs which will lead to better confidence and before you know it you will be achieving not only your dreams but also a huge level of personal growth too.



      1. Silence your inner critic – Every time that voice comes up and tells you that you shouldn’t, can’t or won’t be able or anything else negative it tries to trick you with just acknowledge it but don’t believe it!!
      2. Write down your greatest fears and in the two columns beside them write down the best outcomes and the worst outcomes. Nothing in life in guaranteed except that time keeps on ticking. So if most of your fears are from the list of cons are emotional fears just do it!
      3. Ask for advice and support from either friends or family members or indeed a mentor. It’s always good to have a bit of extra encouragement.
      4. Finally BREATHE – yes you heard me it’s the most simple yet most powerful one of all. Breathing is something all of us do but consciously breathing is something few of us actually do. Focusing on your breath will help you to focus, be present and get clear in your thinking.

      Ali xx

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