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      Christmas day full moon, 11:11 full moon, new beginnings, numerology, spiritual awakening, alison canavan, full moon, be complete

      Tonight marks a very special night because a full moon will light up the sky for the first time in 38 years on Christmas day.

      We are in the universal month of 11 and this full moon happens at 11:11AM GMT!!

      There have only been 3 full moons in the 20th century 1901, 1920 and 1977 so enjoy this one, as the next one doesn’t occur till 2034. Amazingly in the 21st century there will be 5 including 2053, 2072 and 2091

      This full moon brings new beginnings and it is an amazingly creative full moon so make your to do list and set those goals.

      As its Christmas day tomorrow and most of us are with our families (full moon is in the sign of cancer – family and home sign which is amazing also) so enjoy the energy this moon brings but also understand that it can bring things to a resolution but also any full moon can bring things to a head! But just open your heart to love and let go…

      The significance of 11:11 can have so many meanings but for tomorrow my advice is to:

      • Make a wish at this time.
      • Set your alarm to help you remember
      • Write down your goals and dreams
      • Release the things that no longer serve you so LET GO!!
      • Rest and look after your health and don’t go overboard and overindulge
      • Enjoy this special energy


      Wishing you bright, beautiful and abundant happiness.

      You will receive great blessings with this moon,

      Ali xxxxx

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