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      Universal love, coach, david gilna, lightning positivity, paris attacks

      “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation” – Viktor E. Frankl

      I cannot start my article this week without mentioning what happened in Paris on Friday. I light a candle most days in my office for different people & causes. I find it very relaxing and spiritual. But I know there are a lot of atrocities that happen every day in the world that don’t get reported.

      But Paris hit me hard, a year to that very night I sat in that pizzeria with a business associate of mine Charles. We met for a coffee on Friday in Dublin with our business finished for the week.

      Thinking about hoping on a plane to Paris was the topic of conversation. But we were just dreaming as we were there a year to the day visiting Oscar Wilde. Then what unfolded last Friday via social media and news reports, an attack on the youth of Paris. Or like us two, tourists enjoying the Parisian streets. Drinking & Dining, talking and shopping.

      I light a candle for the innocent life’s claimed last weekend in Paris. I light a candle for all the innocent lives affected by extremists & wars.

      Am I spiritual? Yes, but my religion doesn’t define me as a person. So I do not judge or shame anyone for their own religious beliefs.

      Extremists are saying that some lives are more valuable than others, if you don’t believe in what I hold to be the truth; your life doesn’t hold a value. Universal love is about valuing all human life, regardless of individual religious beliefs. My cousin wrote an article this week and she used the quote I started the article with:

      “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation” – Viktor E. Frankl

      Now last night I was at the Aviva Stadium supporting the Irish Football team as they played in a play-off qualifier against Bosnia. If they won, all roads would lead to France for the Euros 2016 and automatic qualification.

      My sister brought my nephew; he’s 11 and he got to experience the sense of a match day tradition with his uncles & mother. I’ll never forget my father and then my older brother taking me as a child to my first international qualifiers.

      The roar of the crowd, the masses of people filling the streets, chants of “Ole Ole” and “Jack Charlton’s Army” my nephew was buzzing with excitement. Now his Uncles had confidence & belief in the Boys in Green but inside a bag of nerves. But we did it with two goals thanks to Jon Walters. 60,000 people screaming in ecstasy, jumping around crying with emotion. Singing songs and hugging strangers. In a sense, universal love.

      Your life can be taken away in a moment. I had an outer body experience when I was hit by lightning. I remember looking at my body and the nurses & doctors around me. I was dead, my soul was leaving this world and I was pulled back.

      So if you can take anything from the events over the last few days is to make change today, for nobody except you. Not for your family, friends or partner. Start making changes for you.

      Now sometimes in life, people drop their masks, their real personalities show. You may have had a feeling, that it was an act. But a life lesson is that they can’t always have their mask on 24hrs a day. They slip and attack. Be prepared for that moment as you don’t need people like that in your life. The Jokers of this world who sit and wait to attack you. Be strong in who you are. You are incredible, unique with the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Feck the Jokers of this world.

      So what is it that you want to change? Write it down today. Explore options and visualise. The power of imagination and visualising your goals, never undervalue that gift.

      Don’t let people try and pigeon hold you into a box. You are unique with a powerful gift. Today I want you to visualise all the things you want to change and explore. Do it today. Close your eyes and dream. That’s your homework. Start to Dream.

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