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      As we start to lean towards healthier lifestyles I feel it’s important to think about our skincare too, after all the skin is our largest organ and a percentage of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body. I have seen people turn into freaks about food. They ask a million questions in restaurants and cafes and read every tiny detail of every food label in the supermarket. Then they return home and spray toxic deodorants, shower and lather themselves in perfumed products and as women we use make up with an incredible amount of toxins in them??

      I’ll be honest this never occurred to me either until I began to study it and on one weekend course the penny finally dropped that we need a balance. It’s impossible to eliminate all toxins from our lives because today we live in a toxic world plain and simple, but we can make better choices for ourselves and educate ourselves on the products we use. During pregnancy we are told to steer clear of so many products but I have often wondered if these products are so bad for us during pregnancy surely they can’t be completely safe pre or post pregnancy either. I’m aware the fetus is vulnerable but surely our hormones and cells are too. I’m also aware that our bodies are capable of fighting against a lot of toxins but on the flip side enzymes can also activate some chemicals too. We are already fighting against so much so really what I’m asking you to do here is really think about the how hard you want your body to work unnecessarily?


      As I educate myself I am slowly switching up my old brands for new paraben and toxin free alternatives and I’ve also done the same with my cleaning products too. This is not something you will do overnight as it can be very overwhelming but I would definitely ask pregnant women to continue with some of the changes they make during pregnancy after they have the baby.

      Natural deodorant, weleda citrus deodorant, alison canavan, natural beauty

      Start with switching your deodorants to natural ones. Some of my favourites are the Fat and the Moon, it works and lasts all day, the weleda citrus deodorant above from Body Kind (€12.53) is good too but it does contain alcohol so it can sting a little after shaving but it’s very refreshing. Salt of the Earth natural deodorant is a good find (€8.39 Body Kind ) and it won’t leave white marks on your clothes. I have found with all natural deodorants you have to reapply at least once a day so I just keep mine in my handbag. I like the Jason deodorants too and you can buy them in most supermarkets including Supervalu. (€7.95 Nourish)

      lilly eco clean, alison canavan, natural health, natural beauty

      I’ve switched all my cleaning products to Lillys they are all really inexpensive and they really work. Supervalu stock them now as well as many other outlets. My favourite products are the degreaser because it really works on cookers and hobs, the floor cleaner works a treat and I recently switched to their laundry products too.

      Couleur Caramel, natural beauty, natural health, holistic health, good skincare, beauty, make up, alison canavan

      As far as make up is concerned it has been tough trusting that a natural product would work especially because I am so conditioned from the fashion industry for over twenty years. I recently switched my make up to a French brand called Couleur Caramel. I started off with their foundation and powder and I was so impressed I have nearly bought the entire collection. They are all completely natural, eco friendly products made from organic ingredients. They are very well priced with foundations starting at €26. I’m using the stick and it gives great coverage but a very natural look and the silk powder is incredible to go over it (€26) Their mascara (€20) is also great and I am incredibly picky about mascaras. I like mascara to do its job and give length and good definition and it did both. It also comes off easily which is amazing. To check out their full collection go to COULEUR CARAMEL


      Finally ladies I just got sugared AGAIN!! This is an amazing treatment for pregnant women too.

      Sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique, using a cooked paste of only sugar, water and a little lemon juice. Because of the high water content, the paste can’t stick to your live skin cells at all, only picking up dead skin cells and hair!

      This means much less impact on the skin, less redness and irritation, and most people have no ingrown hairs. The paste is applied against the direction of natural growth and flicked off by hand *in* the direction of natural growth, meaning all of the hair comes out from the root, no broken hairs, most clients get two weeks completely hair free and I definitely remained hair free for longer. Sugar can remove hair as short as 1/8 inch, much shorter than wax, and is very very effective at removing the downy peach fuzz on the face or neck. (I’m trying this next!!) Check out Lindsay The Sugarist for more information

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