If you consistently struggle from low energy, crave sweet & salty foods, have trouble concentrating and experience dizzy spells; it’s possible you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue. The adrenals are small glands located above the kidneys which are involved in hormone production. They play a huge role in our stress response and over time can become fatigued if we’re not managing our diet and lifestyle well or constantly exposed to stress. To overcome adrenal fatigue it’s important to eliminate highly processed foods, sugar & caffeine. Instead try to nourish the body with healthy fats such as avocados & nuts, oily fish such as salmon and lots of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. Lifestyle changes such as reducing stress & consistently getting lots of sleep are important. Using essential oils can also be a great way to support the adrenal glands in a natural way and speed up recovery time. Here are the top 5 essential oils for adrenal fatigue:


Basil’s regenerative and stimulant properties make it an uplifting essential oil that helps to wake up the body. Applying it topically to the bottom of the feet each morning and evening is a good way to experience the benefits consistently. Basil can help to energise the mind so is an ideal oil to diffuse in a room if struggling with forgetfulness or mental fatigue.


Fresh & detoxifying, grapefruit is another essential oil that can prove really helpful for adrenal fatigue. Mixing it with basil & applying it topically over the adrenals will help support over worked adrenal glands. Grapefruit can also be added to water or placed in a vegetable capsules which will also help combat the sugar cravings that often come with fatigue.


Regenerative and strengthening, Geranium is often used to support organs such as the liver and kidneys and to help hormonal conditions such as PMS. Applying Geranium over the abdomen or taking it internally helps to support adrenals and to balance hormones. It is also a good oil to help balance emotions and a nice floral oil that is ideal for diffusing.


Often used for combating fatigue, Rosemary is a great essential oil to use alongside Basil to support the adrenal glands in recovering. Muscle weakness and tension is often reported as one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Applying Rosemary topically can also help to ease the pain of sore or stiff muscles. Diffusing Rosemary can help combat mental fatigue and improve memory & concentration.

Wild Orange

A popular recommendation for combating stress, Wild Orange essential oil is incredibly uplifting and energising. It can help with concentration and inhaling it is a good way to improve your mood and at the same time reduce stress levels. Wild orange can also help with insomnia and improving the quality of your sleep is an important way to aid recovery from adrenal fatigue.


When selecting essential oils it’s important to choose 100% pure essential oils for the safest and most effective health benefits. Only certified pure therapeutic grade oils should be taken internally or used neat on the skin. Always dilute essential oils with carrier oil if applying topically to children.

Essential oils can be used aromatically to affect mood and open airways; topically for quick absorption into the body through the skin, and internally for immune & digestive support.

Essential oils are a great way to improve your health easily and quickly. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more about using essential oils or where to purchase 100% pure oils.…

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Christmas is a wonderful time that most people looking forward to but it can also be a very stressful time of year for many. If you’re feeling stressed out doing last minute shopping or struggling with indigestion after your Christmas dinner, essential oils can provide a welcome relief. Diffusing essential oils like clove, cinnamon, douglas fir and nutmeg are a great way to set the festive mood and make your home smell wonderful when family & friends visit.


Whether it’s the complicated social interactions at this time of year or the stress of the mounting costs of all those presents, there’s no denying Christmas brings its own share of headaches and stresses. Inhaling wild orange or lavender before guests arrive can help you feel calm minded and less anxious. Citrus oils are uplifting and provide a great mood boost. Mixing lavender or roman chamomile with Epsom salts in a bath is a great way to rest weary muscles after a hectic day of running around the shops.


It’s the time of year for colds & coughs so to avoid spending Christmas day sneezing into your turkey, give your system a boost by using oils like clove and lemon to help ward off threats and improve immunity. If you’re unlucky enough to catch a cold or flu then oils like Eucalyptus and Peppermint will help to open up airways and help to clear a stuffy nose.


For the kids watching out for Santa and refusing to sleep on Christmas eve, diffusing calming oils can be a really effective way to ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Roman chamomile, lavender, marjoram and Ylang Ylang are some good choices for calming busy minds.

Over Indulging

Christmas dinner & pudding followed by turkey sandwiches and chocolates – suffice to say most people spend Christmas night suffering with indigestion. Essential oils like peppermint and ginger will help with bloating and digestive discomfort. Most social interactions at this time of year also include alcohol so applying peppermint to your temples will help with the following day’s headache. Taking lemon and grapefruit essential oils internally can help with hangovers by assisting your liver to detox and inhaling them will provide a nice lift when you’re feeling unwell.


‘Santa’s Sleepy Blend’

1 drop Bergamot

1 drop frankincense

1 drop roman chamomile

2 tbsp fractionated coconut oil

Combine essential oils with coconut oil & massage onto soles of feet


Essential oils can be used aromatically to affect mood and open airways; topically for quick absorption into the body through the skin, and internally for immune & digestive support. It is important to select therapeutic grade oils free from synthetics.

Essential oils are a great way to improve your health easily and quickly. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn more about using essential oils or where to purchase 100% pure oils.…

The breathing process is one of the most basic functions of the body and one that we often take for granted. A simple head cold and blocked nose can make a person feel dizzy and miserable. Sinus problems in particular can cause a lot of pain and leave people suffering with headaches, migraines and sleep loss due to congestion. Essential oils can be of great help to the respiratory system and effectively assist in clearing airways and easing congestion in a natural way.

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As we start to lean towards healthier lifestyles I feel it’s important to think about our skincare too, after all the skin is our largest organ and a percentage of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the body. I have seen people turn into freaks about food. They ask a million questions in restaurants and cafes and read every tiny detail of every food label in the supermarket. Then they return home and spray toxic deodorants, shower and lather themselves in perfumed products and as women we use make up with an incredible amount of toxins in them??

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