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Sometimes in life we work towards a goal . Nothing else’s matters to make that goal a reality .

But what I find is that people forget to  actually enjoy the moment .

So all I ask of you today is don’t forget to ‘enjoy the moment’

I said it to Ali regarding her book launch . All the hours of hard work and graft . To simply take in the moment & smile .

I’m in rehearsals with my third play ‘The Unsung Hero’ I’ve researched this for two years and now it’s a reality . But a friend reminded me to enjoy everyday of this process . That’s what I worked for & I forgot about my own enjoyment .

So now I’m having a coffee before rehearsals start and I’m watching the world go by & smiling to myself .

No matter what the end goal is , don’t ever forget to enjoy the moment because I nearly did.

Happy Wednesday Peeps

So I’ve known pain, the type of pain suffered from a lightning bolt ripping through my body and burning me from the inside out with the extreme heat. Ouch! But now I wear my scars with pride. But I saved money, spiking my hair without gel.

But I thought I knew pain till I suffered a loss in my life that devastated me. This pain came from my heart and I was an empty vessel, a shadow of myself. I vowed I’d never write again.

But one night on a rooftop over-looking London, South Bank & the London Eye inspiration hit me. I wrote for three days straight in a manic state.

That became my second play “My Bedsit Window” and it became my most critically acclaimed play. Toured internationally, translated and five star reviews. Before then I had reached the lowest point in my life. Very hard to see the light, but I never gave up as pain ends.

Now I write every day, for me, it fills my heart with joy and my imagination runs wild with excitement. But I’m not talking about a career. For the rest of my life I’ll write a play once a year for me and nobody else.

This process makes me feel alive and I was going to walk away from the pen and paper forever. Now always remember in life to hold on because the pain will end and the most incredible chapter in your life awaits you with open arms. Colours & warmth that enrich the soul.

Now my next play “The Unsung Hero” opens March 21st – April 2nd at the Theatre Upstairs and then afterwards goes on a nationwide tour.

Why tell me all this? I told people this would happen; I’m going to write this play, it will tour Ireland and the world. I repeated it to myself over and over. Telling the world or anyone who would listen. Some people laughed, thought it would never happen.

Then it was announced last Friday. But then I got phone calls from people who I haven’t heard from since my last play. The usual but this time I embraced each phone call. Now people want to take my play to London, America, Japan, Rome, Argentina, France, Mexico and I just smiled to myself, sure we are still fundraising for the Irish run of this production.

But at that moment, my visualisation became a reality, that global pull for my play, I knew would always happen.

But remember before all this I was never going to write again. That happiness cut off from my life. All the people I’ve met and loved along this journey have lifted my soul.

So “Lightning Positivity” isn’t just a phrase I coined but something I live my life by.

People in this world will try and cut out your soul and happiness. Of course you will have those dark days and heartache but a light will take you to new heights that you’ve only imagined.

Make you happy and make your dreams come true. If anything I just want you to pick up this positive energy and apply it to your own life.

Harness that incredible strength that lives in your heart. One day you’ll be flying so high all this will be a faded memory of a dark blip on the radar.

Close your eyes and follow the light even in the darkest of moments.

Wishing you all the success on this journey we call life.

Don’t just read “Lightning Positivity” live it, embrace it, dream it, visualise it, own it, laugh at it.

Your journey starts today and you have that control, nobody else but you. Close your eyes and just dream do whatever makes you smile.

Happy Howaya Tuesday

Love & Peace


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This Christmas all I ask of my readers is to reach out to friends or family who will be lonely. It costs nothing and can be the most rewarding gift of all.

I worked in the meals & wheels and I’ve seen how the elderly can be left on their own. I was their only point of contact. Made it my business to have the chat with them all and it was the best gift I could ever give and I’m still left with fond memories.

Now don’t get me wrong some of them would test your bloody patience. We all have the Bahumbug friend who hates you & Christmas but don’t give up on them and offer them a hand or just let them rant to someone. Your good deed for the festive holiday.

So before Christmas day find an hour for you. Grab a hot or cold drink and think about visualising your goals for January. We talk about it, think about it but do we actually commit fully to visualising in such detail we believe in the picture we’ve created.

Think about one great moment this year, one achievement, one happy memory that’s three great feelings in one year. Let’s not think or dwell on the negatives and the dark days. Let those happy memories take over your body for now. Fill you with joy of something you achieved.

My own goal is about visualisation and all of us achieving small goals together in whatever career path or life journey.

I just feel something magical right now. There’s something within the energy in the air right now. I want you to tap into that (Ah no he’s talking crazy right now, what’s he on now!!). But there really is a positive energy in the air right now.

Love to all my readers on living another year. That’s another achievement.

Don’t let anyone put you down, laugh at your visons and goals. I believe in you.

Simple exercise, certain people can drain your energy. So I imagine a block of white energy passing through my body with warm colours of blue to protect me. Always helps me visualising colours and forces of energy.

Now you may think this is a lot of hot air and you could be right but it works for me.

Merry Christmas to all of my readers.

Pain will always end, so hold on.

Love always

Shine On




The ability or belief.

To believe in yourself.

To accomplish any task.

No matter the odds.

No matter the difficulty.

No matter the adversity.

The belief that you can accomplish it.

I believe we can all learn this skill.

The skill of self-confidence.

Happy Tuesday Peeps ! Now I may be a little bit crazy or away in the clouds at times but I’m always honest to my readers. I practise what I preach, am I positive 24hrs? Of course not because that’s unhealthy but most of the time I like to be positive and have a positive outlook on life.

Now I’m brutal at technology, and a few of my buddies always help me out. But they like to pass it off and say “ah it’s nothing, self-taught” but it’s not nothing. It’s a skillset and maybe we need to say hold on a second. I’m actually good at this, talented and thanks for the compliment. Like I say

Embrace it.

Own it.

If we start to believe in our talents no matter how you perceive them to be on scale with so call “professionals” trust me we’ve all hired people at one point and thought, hang on a second I can do a better job. It’s ok to admit that, if you feel can do a better job. But you know what I mean. Some people just have the confidence, it’s not natural. Fake it, till you make it. But it’s about the ability or belief to believe in yourself, no matter the odds or difficulty. In your “Lightning Positivity” notepad or notes section write down that we all have the power to learn the skill of self-confidence.

I was approached by a friend to help them with a wedding speech. I did it for free because I didn’t see the skillset to it. Then for a friends son’s graduation, work presentation, an acceptance speech. The list was endless across all job sectors & life events.

Then one day I got a phone call from a CEO of a company. I had written a speech for his friend at a wedding he attended. At this point I still wasn’t charging for it. Then I had the eureka moment. Hang on a second, I must be good or else I wouldn’t keep getting these referrals.

So after my ninth gig I started to charge people to help them write & perform speeches. I could always write on a blank page. Speak in front of 10 people or 2000 people, it has never fazed me. But I didn’t see it as a skill. Like my friends who fix my computers, they have a skill in my eyes because coding and programming and updates is a foreign language in my eyes but not to them.

So now I’m earning revenue from a skillset I use to do for free because in my eyes it wasn’t a skill set. So start to open your own eyes because we all have skills & talents. That’s all I’m saying. We just need to learn the skill of self-confidence.

When that happens & it will, you will have that lightning eureka moment.

You know what? I can’t wait to hear from you when you do.

Shine On.


As children growing up we can become what we hear and quite often we hear negative things about ourselves that we own and then they become a part of us.

As a young model I got a lot of positive comments but if one photographer or casting director said something negative that is what I would hold onto. I remember a very well known photographer telling me I had man hands that were unnatural and then a designer who told me was body was completely out of proportion and my legs were actually quite short for my height and I seemed to have an abnormally long torso! Of course every time I went to a casting I would try to hide my hands and if tops were too short on my upper body I would think to myself “well Alison that’s because your body is disproportionate”

At 37 this evokes so many emotions for my younger self but primarily sadness that I carried around such nonsense for so long but what it also shows is how people can be very irresponsible with their words and as the saying goes “be sure to taste your words before you spit them out”.

Words can stay with you forever and anyone who has been in a relationship of any kind and experienced emotional abuse will know exactly what I mean by this.

So for this, my first ‘MINDFUL MONDAY’ lets all try and be kinder and nicer with our words about each other and ourselves. Our words have both meaning and strength.

This week write a list of 10 things you like about yourself. They can be big things or small and they don’t necessarily have to be about your looks so for example:

  • I love my smile
  • I love my legs
  • I like my hair
  • I love my sense of humor
  • I like my musical talents
  • I’m a great dancer
  • I’m artistic
  • I can say NO when I need too
  • I’m honest
  • I’m a great mum!! (yes say it loud and proud)

Have fun with your list and have on your journey of becoming the most complete and best version of YOU!

Ali xxxx


I get so many emails from mothers, and people in general, asking me how I do everything — because it sure looks like I’m juggling an awful lot!

It’s true, I am juggling a lot. And I won’t lie — being a single parent and working has been damn hard.

Even though James is a little older now, it’s still very tough but it’s still a hell of a lot more manageable than it used to be.

Also, anything worthwhile in life doesn’t come easy. I have learned to manage myself and my time better and I do what’s important to me. thankfully, I’ve finally found a balance and, most importantly, I’m chasing my dreams.

It’s important to dream no matter what anyone tells you. Five years ago, I was pregnant and absolutely terrified. I was about to become a single parent and I was back living with my mum — leaving the big bright lights of New York City behind.

I thought I had nothing when James was born. I was broke, worried and pretty terrified about the future. Having had an incredibly successful career as a model abroad I came back down to earth with a bang. Five years on, I’ve learned so much about life but, more importantly, I’ve discovered so much about myself.

I have learned how resilient we are as human beings and that we always have choices, no matter how dark and difficult situations may seem.

There were days I thought I would never get a break but my years in New York taught me to never give up, while that voice in my head that kept saying, ‘hard work pays off’ was right.

Waiting for any kind of a break was torture but I woke up every day, put a smile on my face and pushed myself harder than ever before.

Sometimes I want to run before I can walk but I have realise now that I have been moving at a pace that is giving me the ability to grow into the person I have become today.

I have learned to see the miracles in every day life. I have finally grown to like myself — hell, even love myself after 37 years. Giving myself permission to do this has made a remarkable difference in my recovery from depression and anxiety.

I have made changes to my life, very slowly, and they have become well-ingrained habits. I sleep more, eat well, exercise, meditate, write a gratitude diary and I’m kind to myself.

After choosing to take an arduous, yet worthwhile, path, I no longer fall into the old habits that are very destructive to both myself, my family, my health and my wellbeing. Instead I’m trying to really feel my feelings and it’s hard but, let me tell you, making that choice has been so worthwhile.


You see, we are all born with the complete set of our own jigsaw puzzle, but it’s how we put our jigsaw together that makes the difference.

Some people start with the border and fill it in by joining the pieces, bit by bit, towards the centre. Others start with the corners and fit each piece onto it until it’s complete. That’s the magic of life; we are all different and we will all deal with life, and all it throws at us, in our own way.

Sometimes pieces go missing, but we find them under chairs and couches eventually.

I was also unaware of the really important pieces I had within me but never used. For years I searched for happiness to fill the gaping hole I felt. I always thought that the next job, party, boyfriend or holiday would do the trick.

Now I know I have to look within as everything I need is already there. I filled that empty space, through the years, with parties and alcohol. I was in pain and they were my pain relief.

I now have a beautiful son who I thank every day for saving my life. I’m dreaming bigger and living a better life than ever before.

I never thought I would be able to tell my story, I never thought I could go back and study again, I never thought I would be good enough to rear James on my own and I never thought I could achieve happiness.

Every day I’m achieving these things and more — and you can, too. Sometimes we think it’s selfish to think of ourselves but I think it’s selfless and important to give ourselves the permission to like and even love ourselves.

Experiment and find your formula, eat well and exercise. Try mindfulness or meditation and take time for yourself. Life can be hard work but work hard on the positive things that will make you healthy and happy, and not on the negative lifestyle habits that make life harder. It’s up to you.

Which life will you choose?

Ali xxx