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This Christmas all I ask of my readers is to reach out to friends or family who will be lonely. It costs nothing and can be the most rewarding gift of all.

I worked in the meals & wheels and I’ve seen how the elderly can be left on their own. I was their only point of contact. Made it my business to have the chat with them all and it was the best gift I could ever give and I’m still left with fond memories.

Now don’t get me wrong some of them would test your bloody patience. We all have the Bahumbug friend who hates you & Christmas but don’t give up on them and offer them a hand or just let them rant to someone. Your good deed for the festive holiday.

So before Christmas day find an hour for you. Grab a hot or cold drink and think about visualising your goals for January. We talk about it, think about it but do we actually commit fully to visualising in such detail we believe in the picture we’ve created.

Think about one great moment this year, one achievement, one happy memory that’s three great feelings in one year. Let’s not think or dwell on the negatives and the dark days. Let those happy memories take over your body for now. Fill you with joy of something you achieved.

My own goal is about visualisation and all of us achieving small goals together in whatever career path or life journey.

I just feel something magical right now. There’s something within the energy in the air right now. I want you to tap into that (Ah no he’s talking crazy right now, what’s he on now!!). But there really is a positive energy in the air right now.

Love to all my readers on living another year. That’s another achievement.

Don’t let anyone put you down, laugh at your visons and goals. I believe in you.

Simple exercise, certain people can drain your energy. So I imagine a block of white energy passing through my body with warm colours of blue to protect me. Always helps me visualising colours and forces of energy.

Now you may think this is a lot of hot air and you could be right but it works for me.

Merry Christmas to all of my readers.

Pain will always end, so hold on.

Love always

Shine On



Nobody can be positive all the time. Life kicks us all down and sometimes the cards all fall down at once. I’ve had a tough week from a health perspective and a work perspective.

But that happens to us all. Nobody is perfect. But what I did was write down in my “Lightning Positivity” book a dark time in my life that I overcame. Then I put a big X through it. I had overcome a barrier one of life’s many road blocks.

Then I wrote down a time in my life were I was overcome with joy & happiness. I put a tick beside that. It made me smile and feel happy from within.

I always stay true to myself whether I’m booked for a corporate public speaking event or with my friends in the local coffee shop or pub.

Here are a few thoughts about staying positive. You need to embrace the good days with the bad. I think it’s very therapeutic to say, “I’ve had a bad day” but let it just be that. A blip on the radar.

You are alive and reading this. You have the ability to achieve anything you want. Dream the wildest dreams. Open or close your heart to the world.

When you slump this is when you realise who your real friends are. Always be cautious for the blood seeking vampires. Stay true to you and don’t bend for anyone.

Right now I’m getting paid to write a love story for a touring production of 2016. Getting paid for the next three months to do what I love.

I was told many moons ago that this would never happen. Did I listen? Maybe for all of ten minutes but now I’m doing what I love. We all can get there. But it’s not an easy road. But would it be an adventure if it was?

So don’t listen to the haters or dream bashers. If you could change jobs today, would you? What career would you pick?

Dream It

  • Wish It
  • Believe It
  • Write It
  • Live It
  • Own It

You have the power to achieve anything; just don’t stop believing in you.

Happy Tuesday Peeps xx



As Idina Menzel sings in the movie Frozen, “Let It Go.” Recently, I produced an event for Idina’s charity, “A Broader Way.” It got me thinking about things. The concept came up again, when my teacher and a personal mentor in LA, said, “Show up, do the work and don’t be so attached to the results.” This is easier said, than done, especially being a Type A” and an event planner for a living.

When you are attempting to do something big in your life, whether it’s to start a new business, run a marathon, or simply being a more positive person, it is so important to not be attached to the outcome.

In my case, I’ve been through all of these experiences and often pushed myself quite hard which is the cost of being an “overachiever.” I’ve actually run five marathons so far but I don’t have any regrets as my training partners and I had a great time training and traveling together.

However, my new mantra now is:

Be open to the outcome, not attached to the outcome.

This lesson is embedded in the practices of Buddhism and is often a very difficult way of life for Westerners to learn. In this culture or the western world, the key to success is believed to be through material means, where “consumerism” and “hedonism” rule.

We promote “Individualists” who are highly task oriented and focused on getting things done. What ever happened to “together we can?” Relationships are everything. 90% of my business has come from referrals and everyone I know has enriched my life in some way. We need others.

David Brooks, New York Times columnist and deep philosophical guru says that wealth is not the key to happiness. Instead, the number one factor in human happiness is interpersonal relationships. “The daily activities most associated with happiness are sex, socializing after work or having dinner with friends. Joining a group that meets even just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income.” I’d also beg to say that going home every night to someone, working out and pets bring us overwhelming pleasure.

When you are attached to the desired outcome, you miss opportunities and can actually drag yourself down, inhibiting your efforts. It will drain your energy, you’re too focused on yourself and you lack the success mentality. We also feel intense frustration. Frustration is caused by one thing: wishing things were different than they are and the universe doesn’t always align itself with what you want when you live this way.

Being unattached is an art form. It takes time and practice and here are a few tips I have picked up that I wanted to share with you:

  • Deal with the root cause; acknowledge your fears, anxieties and insecurities.
  • Build unstructured moments in your life – play, get outdoors, do yoga, dance.
  • Start a gratitude journal. Make a list of the good things that have come out of hard and difficult situations in your life.
  • When you start to judge right or wrong, take a step back and assess more compassionately.
  • Pay attention. Often we find ourselves thinking about what to say next.  But when we’re thinking about what to say next, we’re not listening.
  • Realize that a mind that is detached emotionally is a stronger mind — one that is much more able to think quickly, creatively and discover a new path, an alternative solution, etc. Great for the workplace!
  • Give spirituality a chance; discover a new way of thinking.
  • Meditate and meditate regularly. Do alone or with a group.
  • Share with someone and love someone without expectations

I am, by no means, an expert on this subject matter, but wanted to share what I have learnt. Sometimes the dreams we chase and the life we design for ourselves really do provide us with happiness and peace, and yet sometimes it takes letting go, and having faith like we have faith in our next breath, that there is a divine and perfect order; we just might not be seeing it at the time.

Nichole xxx