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      Nobody can be positive all the time. Life kicks us all down and sometimes the cards all fall down at once. I’ve had a tough week from a health perspective and a work perspective.

      But that happens to us all. Nobody is perfect. But what I did was write down in my “Lightning Positivity” book a dark time in my life that I overcame. Then I put a big X through it. I had overcome a barrier one of life’s many road blocks.

      Then I wrote down a time in my life were I was overcome with joy & happiness. I put a tick beside that. It made me smile and feel happy from within.

      I always stay true to myself whether I’m booked for a corporate public speaking event or with my friends in the local coffee shop or pub.

      Here are a few thoughts about staying positive. You need to embrace the good days with the bad. I think it’s very therapeutic to say, “I’ve had a bad day” but let it just be that. A blip on the radar.

      You are alive and reading this. You have the ability to achieve anything you want. Dream the wildest dreams. Open or close your heart to the world.

      When you slump this is when you realise who your real friends are. Always be cautious for the blood seeking vampires. Stay true to you and don’t bend for anyone.

      Right now I’m getting paid to write a love story for a touring production of 2016. Getting paid for the next three months to do what I love.

      I was told many moons ago that this would never happen. Did I listen? Maybe for all of ten minutes but now I’m doing what I love. We all can get there. But it’s not an easy road. But would it be an adventure if it was?

      So don’t listen to the haters or dream bashers. If you could change jobs today, would you? What career would you pick?

      Dream It

      • Dream It
      • Wish It
      • Believe It
      • Write It
      • Live It
      • Own It

      You have the power to achieve anything; just don’t stop believing in you.

      Happy Tuesday Peeps xx

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