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      The ability or belief.

      To believe in yourself.

      To accomplish any task.

      No matter the odds.

      No matter the difficulty.

      No matter the adversity.

      The belief that you can accomplish it.

      I believe we can all learn this skill.

      The skill of self-confidence.

      Happy Tuesday Peeps ! Now I may be a little bit crazy or away in the clouds at times but I’m always honest to my readers. I practise what I preach, am I positive 24hrs? Of course not because that’s unhealthy but most of the time I like to be positive and have a positive outlook on life.

      Now I’m brutal at technology, and a few of my buddies always help me out. But they like to pass it off and say “ah it’s nothing, self-taught” but it’s not nothing. It’s a skillset and maybe we need to say hold on a second. I’m actually good at this, talented and thanks for the compliment. Like I say

      Embrace it.

      Own it.

      If we start to believe in our talents no matter how you perceive them to be on scale with so call “professionals” trust me we’ve all hired people at one point and thought, hang on a second I can do a better job. It’s ok to admit that, if you feel can do a better job. But you know what I mean. Some people just have the confidence, it’s not natural. Fake it, till you make it. But it’s about the ability or belief to believe in yourself, no matter the odds or difficulty. In your “Lightning Positivity” notepad or notes section write down that we all have the power to learn the skill of self-confidence.

      I was approached by a friend to help them with a wedding speech. I did it for free because I didn’t see the skillset to it. Then for a friends son’s graduation, work presentation, an acceptance speech. The list was endless across all job sectors & life events.

      Then one day I got a phone call from a CEO of a company. I had written a speech for his friend at a wedding he attended. At this point I still wasn’t charging for it. Then I had the eureka moment. Hang on a second, I must be good or else I wouldn’t keep getting these referrals.

      So after my ninth gig I started to charge people to help them write & perform speeches. I could always write on a blank page. Speak in front of 10 people or 2000 people, it has never fazed me. But I didn’t see it as a skill. Like my friends who fix my computers, they have a skill in my eyes because coding and programming and updates is a foreign language in my eyes but not to them.

      So now I’m earning revenue from a skillset I use to do for free because in my eyes it wasn’t a skill set. So start to open your own eyes because we all have skills & talents. That’s all I’m saying. We just need to learn the skill of self-confidence.

      When that happens & it will, you will have that lightning eureka moment.

      You know what? I can’t wait to hear from you when you do.

      Shine On.

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