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    enjoy the moment, lightning positivity, alison canavan, savid gilna, be complete, love life, life coach, write, playwright, the unsung hero,
    Sometimes in life we work towards a goal . Nothing else’s matters to make that goal a reality .

    But what I find is that people forget to  actually enjoy the moment .

    So all I ask of you today is don’t forget to ‘enjoy the moment’

    I said it to Ali regarding her book launch . All the hours of hard work and graft . To simply take in the moment & smile .

    I’m in rehearsals with my third play ‘The Unsung Hero’ I’ve researched this for two years and now it’s a reality . But a friend reminded me to enjoy everyday of this process . That’s what I worked for & I forgot about my own enjoyment .

    So now I’m having a coffee before rehearsals start and I’m watching the world go by & smiling to myself .

    No matter what the end goal is , don’t ever forget to enjoy the moment because I nearly did.

    Happy Wednesday Peeps

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