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      David Gilna, lightning positivity, alison canavan. be complete, life lessons, be positive, live positively, health and wellness, feel great, motivation

      Hope all my readers are having a very festive Christmas! I always love this time of year and season.

      Now I recently went to town with my Mother for lunch on Christmas Eve. Walking the streets of Dublin brought her back fond memories when she would meet my Father in The Westbury Hotel for midweek dates.

      She asked me a question that I couldn’t answer. Out of all my various career paths, what would I wish for to happen to me in 2016? What would I love to happen?

      I didn’t know! That question has sat with me since Christmas Eve. I knew I’d be writing this article today and still the answer hasn’t come to me yet.

      First things first, I have a draft 1 deadline for a new play by January 15th with my dramaturg (a dramaturg is a professional position within a theatre or opera company that deals mainly with research and development of plays or operas.)

      But I’m going to take out my cork board and plan my goals and wishes and what I want because right now, I don’t know. Am I fazed? Nope I’m actually quite happy. So all I can say is right now all I want is to have the banter and laugh, smile throughout 2016. But for now I’m just thinking, reflecting on the year ahead.

      But next week I’ll share my goals and wish list when the light will shine and the penny will drop.

      Now don’t forget there will be people around your circle in life who will tell you different, that you can’t achieve this or wish for that or plan this goal.

      Always remember those “Coffee & kicks” I always talk about and the negative Ned’s who suck the life & energy out of you.

      I was told I’d never make it as a professional actor, box ticked. Ah you’ll never make it as an actor in the west end, box ticked. Ah you want to make plays leave that to the professionals, box ticked.

      Be butchered in the reviews, nope 5 Star Reviews. Ah he’s only an Irishplaywright, your work won’t travel, London, America, box ticked. Who’d produce or translate your work, box ticked, translated in three languages and produced in three different countries. Ah he only had one play in him; anyone can do that, one trick pony, “My Bedsit Window” my most successful play to date. Ah sure he won’t get commissioned, box ticked. This joker wants to be a screenwriter, joker, box ticked. This joker wants to sell films scripts, Walter Mitty, box ticked.

      What’s the pattern? Have you noticed I’ve had people put me down, laugh at me, stab in the front and the back? Every hurdle I jump, every road block, I smash on through. Every achievement, belittled.

      But I let the anger go, I focused on my positive, my career goals for me and only for me. I want you to know before you start your journey for today and throughout 2016 there will always be one plonker Rodney, but don’t waste any time on them. Smile & laugh for you and only you.

      Lightning Positivity helps me push on through. Can we be positive 24/7 not at all? I always say embrace those horrible, murky grey duvet days and admit that ya know what? Today was awful but tomorrow will be beautiful.

      I just want you to push on through. I love people, helping people but I don’t know what I want for 2016 but all I know is that I hope its The Year of the Banter for all of my readers.

      I’ll always be open & honest with you guys.

      I stated that from my first article.

      Don’t let negative Ned’s decide your future.

      Being struck by lightning thought me the most valuable life lesson, the GIFT of being alive for another day.

      Shine On


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