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    “Keeping your skincare routine simple is key”, says Virginie Claire of V.Claire Natural

    Alison Canavan is constantly on the go, as are most women juggling it all while trying to
    find time to take care of themselves. I have been looking after Alison’s skin care for the
    past two years and simplicity is all there is time for! While putting The Full 360 Series
    together, promoting, studying and travelling her skin had become tired and dull. Knowing
    she will not have the time or patience for using numerous products I recommend two.
    PHYT’S Concentré Reviderm for day and PHYT’S Serum Antirides at night.

    Sallow skin can lose its lustre quite easily. PHYT’S Reviderm oxygenating line specialises in
    bringing radiance to a dull, tired skin. Its content of Chlorophyll from Alfalfa, Avocado,
    Kombu Algae and Acerola (high in Vitamin C), energises, revitalises and brightens the
    complexion. Chlorophyll carries oxygen to the cells and encourages microcirculation,
    where it provides powerful anti-oxidant effects.

            PHYT’S Concentré Reviderm is available from the PHYT’S Online Store


    Serum Antirides is a highly nutritional phyto-complex, rich in nourishing vegetable oils
    (Wheatgerm, Castor Oil) and regenerating essential oils and herbal extracts (Rosemary,
    Thyme, Cypress) shows its full strength on wrinkles and slack. It reduces the number,
    surface area and length of wrinkles for smooth and visibly younger skin. It is important to
    massage in well with fingertips to stimulate connective tissue and circulation.

                       PHYT’S SÉRUM ANTIRIDES is available from the PHYT’S Online Store

    The key to having good skin being consistent and committed to a good skincare routine.

    The ethos behind V Claire is simple, La Vie Claire – The Clear Life. Virginie Claire’s dream of providing completely natural cosmetics began 10 years ago when she discovered PHYT’S organic skincare in France and brought it to her own salon in Harold’s Cross. Follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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