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      As appears fortnightly in VIP Magazine.

      James walked across the kitchen and I thought I would burst with pride. He was taking a couple of steps and falling but this was huge! He made it all the way. He was beaming and actually became quite shy. Now that’s a side I haven’t seen before. New shoes I thought and I decided to head to the Kildare Outlet to get his 1st walking shoes. The Clarks out there is fantastic and a fraction of the price. James got measured and was a 5f. He was really enjoying the experience but all hell broke loose when he stood to walk. He struggled to lift his feet and I can only imagine they felt a ton weight. I wanted to get the ones that lit up when he walked but my sister Grace said no as they were even heavier. But they’re cool I thought and I knew if he could talk he would choose them. Four pairs of shoes later I chose the lighter ones as I put myself in his shoes and imagined how it must have felt. It’s going to be tough getting him to wear them and they’re Velcro so he can take them off. However I’m sure when he realises that they will enable him to run and be free he’ll change his mind quite quickly.

      He’s also an avid climber… I turned for a split second and he was sitting up on the table beside the lamp. My car keys went missing for a few days as well and turned up in his hand. So he can now walk is becoming a great athlete and climber and is in training to be a magician. I’m so proud.

      We are such amazing creatures. James has worked so hard to get here. Even though we don’t remember the day we took our 1st steps, each milestone we reached as a baby took hard work, focus and determination. So hard work is really part of life since birth and parenting is just another stage on our journey. I find if you embrace each stage of life and truly give it your all the only path you could possibly be on is one of happiness.


      James can play games, sing songs and enjoy lots of learning fun with this Giant Tractor from Wader.
      They are high quality and robust toys perfect for boys!! Available from from €33.01

      I LOVE:

      We were always dressed head to toe in M&S and James is no different.
      I love his new reindeer jumper for the silly season €23 for the set


      Hi Alison,
      I love going for walks but it is getting cold. I know James was born in September so do you have you any tips for surviving winter walks with your new baby?
      Lynn, Kilkenny

      Hi Lynn,
      Lots of layers and a good hat but my favourite and essential product is Mummy Mitts. As you know you need to tend to your baby almost every minute and taking gloves on and off is a pain. Mummy Mitts attach to the handle bar or handles of ANY pram or pushchair, allowing you the convenience of removing your hands whilst the mittens remain attached. They are an absolute requirement for every parent and the perfect gift for Christmas! You can remove your warm hands when your little one needs you without having to fiddle with removing a glove. Available from for €22.99


      The Santa Train at Mount Juliet offers a truly enchanted experience, bringing all on board along a special trail, first stopping off for a magical Christmas story with Mrs. Claus. Next watch out for Santa’s workshop and his reindeer before continuing on to arrive finally at Santa’s Grotto where Santa and his elves will be waiting with a special present for every boy and girl. Mount Juliet will be transformed into the ultimate fairy tale this Christmas – a must-see for everyone in December. This one hour long experience will run between 12pm and 8pm and costs €15(child) €7(adult). Advance booking is essential. Special accommodation packages are also available on


      Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree this year with personalised Christmas decorations. They remind me of my time in NYC. A special gift you’ll have forever they’re now available in Ireland from €12.95


      You can always stay in touch with me and other mothers through Facebook by clicking here and liking our page!


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