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      Matcha tea is becoming more and more popular and rightly so because it has so many of its many health benefits it’s actually kind of hard to ignore! I first discovered it when I was recovering from PND (post natal depression) and my anxiety was quite bad. I found it incredibly calming and it didn’t give me that awful nervousness that coffee can.

      As I began to research matcha more I realized through Kevin from Koyu Matcha that the reason it works so well for anxiety is because of its L-Theanine it contains. L-Theanine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) that’s found in green tea. More and more studies are being done on L-Theanine these days and one study from The Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that L-Theanine not only reduces anxiety but also attenuates the blood-pressure increase in high-stress-response adults.


      In another STUDY, the combination of L-Theanine and caffeine was found to improve cognitive performance and increases subjective alertness. I find it really great for my concentration especially when I spend long hours in the office and it’s fast becoming a popular stress reliever too.

      We need to start finding natural alternatives to everyday problems and with stress being one of the biggest killers of our time why not try and switch up your coffee for a matcha latte?

      Here’s a really simple way to make a nice matcha latte!

      Use you nutribullet or blender and put in ½ teaspoon of good quality matcha from Koyu Matcha tea (put in the code ‘ali’ at the checkout for a discount)

      Then add half boiling water and some almond milk and whiss it up in the blender for a frothy anti stress calming latte. What’s not to love? You can use any milk of your choice: regular, rice, almond..

      Then simply sit back, relax and enjoy

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