Baby James’ Christening

The time is going by so fast and my Mum kept asking about The Christening. She wasn’t nagging but her generation presume you will be christening your baby. The church in Ireland has certainly done nothing for the cause but as a new mother I had to look deeper. I decided I wanted James christened, brought up with some guidance and faith. I do struggle with the idea of imposing a religion on my son though after attending a convent myself. However, I do feel that children need some faith as a moral compass for their upbringing. It does give them a sense of security and belonging to a community.

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Developmental Play

It’s been a busy month. The Pregnancy and Baby fair was a huge success. I was on hand to give advice about Teetha and Spatone and it was great to meet so many Mums to be and new Mums like myself. It was double the size of last year with some great products that I hope to share with you over the coming months.

Congrats to Helena from Giddy Studios who recently opened their new premises in Dundrum. It was a great day especially for James who got his 1st footprint done. We painted it blue and pressed it onto a plate. He loved the whole experience. Giddy do a variety of keepsakes and the activities are also great stimulation for kids which got me thinking about this month’s column.

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Alison and JamesYou’ve just managed to get some kind of order into your life. You start to relax and think, ‘hey I’ve got this parenting thing sorted’ and all of a sudden big red rosy cheeks appear. Along with drooling, a very sad little face and a quivering bottom lip, this my friends was the start of teething.

Like a sergeant rounding up his troops and with the advice of other Mummies I assembled my army. Teetha, Sootha, Calpol, nurofen, dribble bibs and lots of kisses and cuddles.

His temperature shot through the roof and you could fry an egg on his cheeks. He looked up at me with the saddest eyes saying ‘please help me Mummy’. He soon recognised the white sachet that contained the Teetha granules which I found great. They’re homeopathic and help calm the baby which in turn calms you!

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Precious Moments / Keepsakes

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Alison and JamesWhen I was out for lunch recently there was a newborn baby at the next table, a tiny precious bundle. But wait my baby is a newborn? Was he really that small? Where is the time going? James is turning into a little bruiser! I wanted to remember his little hands and feet. The same ones I want to eat every time I change his nappy.

I see changes in him daily. Babies grow so fast. If I get 2 wears out of a babygrow I’m doing well. These are special times, every little smile warms my heart and when he giggles it brings a tear to my eye (that could also be tiredness though!) I could wallpaper the house with photos but I wanted more; something special.

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Practical tips – out & about with baby in tow

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Alison and JamesWow is the only way to start this months topic. Leaving the house has become quite an ordeal. I’m getting quite good at it now but I still never fail to leave something behind including James! I was so preoccupied with having the buggie, blankets, his bag, my bag that when I started the car I turned around and realised I had left James in the hall. Of course I apologised to him straight away safe in the knowledge that he’ll never remember a thing.
The key is to have an organised bag and the key to that, is to buy a bag that’s easy to organise. I’ve found that an outside insulated bottle holder and clips that attach to the pushchair have been very helpful. Everything needs to be within reach when your juggling so many items.

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